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Meditation Tip

A meditation tip can come from anywhere. Your meditation teacher may give his class or yourself a meditation tip each time you meet, you may find a meditation tip on the internet or maybe even a friend of yours can pass on a meditation tip they’ve received. Whatever meditation circles you move in there will always be someone, somewhere willing to offer you a meditation tip, it is up to you however to spend some time contemplating upon the meditation tip you were given in order to decide if the meditation tip is right for you and your practice as not every meditation tip is beneficial to everyone.

The art of meditation is not simply another mind game or exercise; it is a change of direction in attention and is very important for calming the mind by reflection to focus on the inner world and away from the mundane physical and intellectual world. A meditation tip can be very helpful while attempting to focus and quiet the mind for inner deliberation, there will naturally be a mind chattering of thoughts, these chattering thoughts should be acknowledged and sent out with a blessing allowing them to pass through. Once they are allowed to pass through the mind, the mind will begin to become calm and still, with the consideration of meditation.

By the practice of daily meditation and thoughts of contemplation, the body is better able to deal with the daily stress of living. The stress that is born within us wreaks havoc on our bodies by causing a rise of high blood pressure as well as constant worry, anxiety and depression, all of these effects lay heavy on a body and mind. While the rumination provided by mediation is able to aid in the ability to reduce these harmful affects on the soul and at the same time aid in raising not only the spirit of reflection but to also increase the brains capacity for learning and understanding. These meditation tips should be helpful in the practice of deliberation and thoughtful meditation, whether you are a beginner or a novice to art of meditation.

1st meditation tip.
First, you must prepare your body for meditation, as the physical condition of a body holds a great impact on the mind. You must eat healthy foods and come to meditation while the stomach is not full of food, before breakfast and dinner are the ideal times to meditate.

2nd meditation tip.
Prepare your mind for thoughts of reflection and rumination, by realizing that meditation is as important a task as any other task that you may have included in your lifestyle. Once you reach the point of determination for the art of meditation, you must see to it that you are not disturbed while practicing meditation.

3rd meditation tip.
Music is a wonderful meditation tool and if there is no piped in music, you may want to sing from your soul and your mind will follow its lead into the place of joyful relaxation that is one of the goals in the deliberation of meditation.

4th meditation tip.
If you are following a certain meditation practice you should follow the meditation to the letter and not deviate from its structure to obtain the best result, as many structures of meditation have been proven by thousands of years of its practice.

5th meditation tip.
Most importantly, you must practice the art of meditation daily; this will enable you to grow in your consideration of thoughtfulness as well as your success in meditating.

6th meditation tip.
Above all, you must also have patience, as the art of meditation does take time and practice and you should not become discouraged. As you practice, be assured that your ability to meditate will grow.

If you are able to use a meditation tip or tips like the ones above then your meditation practice will become much, much better over time and can save you some unnecessary worries over your practice. Remember that meditation is not a quick trick, it takes time and patience to master and if you’re provided with the right kind of meditation tip now and again then your practice and mastery of meditation can become easier.

By Dave Rodrigues

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