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Meditation Mantras

What are meditation mantras? Meditation mantras are a sound technique used by many yogis to greatly enhance the meditative state.  Meditation mantras are used to train the mind to focus clearing the yogis’ thoughts of distraction and emotion. Meditation mantras are especially effective in gathering and harnessing spiritual energy. Meditation mantras enable one to reflect on the moment and draw contemplations and awakening our perceptions to the deeper self.

Ancient cultures have believed that meditation mantras have sacred powers, as all words have power. They believed that uttering certain words or names could control the external world. The belief in the power of the spoken word is not restricted to the Sanskrit language; in fact it is a very common belief in most religious teachings. This is evident from the reported strength of meditation mantras, to Wiccan spell chants and even simple Christian prayer verses.

Meditation mantras are sounds repeated over and over again. Meditation mantras are not only a powerful tool to help draw the spiritual effect of deep meditation to the meditator, but have the very real advantage of aiding in the control of the yogis breathing pattern. Meditation mantras may be particularly useful in learning the art of meditation.

Although, the traditional sounds of meditation mantras are derived from the ancient Sanskrit language, you may use whatever sound or word that feels most comfortable with you.  Most importantly your selected mantra must work with your breathing pattern and not against it.

Some examples of meditation mantras are:
“Om”, the most well known to the western world of the ancient Sanskrit mantras, “Om” is simply the sound of the universe.

“I am- at peace”, “I am” maybe said during your inhalation and “at peace” during your exhalation.

“So- Ham,” with respect to the yin and yang

“All is well” said with long slow sounds.

Many yogis like to have a short verse for their reflections; Meditation mantras are not limited to two short words. You may even prepare a small 4 line verse, or recite simple lines of prayer, or some positive affirmation. Repeating these mantras several times a day even without the state of deep meditation they become confirmed to our subconscious and conscious minds.

Meditation mantras may be said quietly with your inner voice, or vocally to create a chant. Beginners are advised to softly chant their meditation mantras to help block the outside influence of distractive noises. Meditation mantras silence the mind, and calm the soul.

Meditation mantras are an effective meditation tool because sound produces vibration. The vibrations of meditation mantras create a ripple effect through our body and the atmosphere surrounding us. The gentle soothing effect of meditation mantras physically alters busy energy patterns, or “prana” to become in harmony with our thoughts.

By Carolyn Marsh

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