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Meditation Journal

A meditation journal is not a necessity yet a meditation journal can prove to be invaluable. Your meditation journal can become a guide through your studies of contemplation. As meditation allows one to explore the ins and outs of thought and reflection, a meditation journal may better help individuals reap more out of the overall practice. The process of deliberation that takes place when someone seeks the mindfulness regarding where they are at the present time, where they have been, and where they are going, is not always an easy journey but charting that journey in your meditation journal can help. While some reach an acceptable level of contemplation faster than others, anything that helps develop a cohesive awareness of oneself aids the general practice of meditation.

A meditation journal serves as a diary of sorts that allows individuals the ability to return to certain aspects of their rumination. The more honest the experience regarding meditation – the better the overall outcome becomes. It is through this type of journal that the learning process associated with meditation is intensified. Keeping a meditation journal aids individuals in pinpointing their weaknesses and strengths, which helps to make the overall process much easier and in many cases – very rewarding.

The benefits of starting a meditation journal open a whole new world of contemplation that doesn’t rely on an individual's strength in memory. Through the assessment of the written word, breakthroughs that occurred weeks before one has entered their journey into reflection are available in just as much detail that an individual decides to include. A meditation journal allows experiences long forgotten to become just as fresh as the day they took place. The accounts added to the meditation journal illustrate the progress that a meditator has undergone. Over time, days and weeks and months and in some cases – years – of thoughtful meditation unfolds after a review of past experiences.

A meditation journal is quite revealing and there is no end to the kind of assessments that arise through journaling. Depending on the intensity of contemplation, one may realize how their effort towards achieving their goals does not match their desire. A meditator might learn that they try too hard to please others while neglecting their own personal needs through what they enter into their meditation journal. Different techniques or approaches towards meditation may appear less effective than others and helps one shape the methods of rumination they may want to incorporate into future routines.

Journaling also leads to better goal setting in both meditation and in life. Past experiences entered into a meditation journal also allows individuals to learn about the things that affect the overall process of meditation. Many individuals have looked back at their written experiences and have become better able to shape future meditative procedures to fit their personal goals. They may see things about themselves that are not as easy to pinpoint without "reading between the lines." One may find the need to develop more patience or learn how to forgive a loved one after reviewing their meditation journal.

Overall, a meditation journal equips individuals with the necessary tools to better connect with the past, current moment, and the future. Over time, one may receive an enhanced sense of self through the reflection and thoughts found over the course of their meditation practice.

By Sidney Jameson

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