Mantra for Meditation

Mantra for meditation is a more spiritual technique of meditation. Choose a mantra for meditation that feels good to you. Using a mantra for meditation allows us to become one with our inner self. This allows our minds to be clearer, sharper, and more aware. Modern scientists have confirmed that sound is able to effect the body chemistry, the mind and even alter thought patterns. It is on this foundation that mantra for meditation was built. Mantra meditation is considered one of the most powerful techniques used for stress reduction and relaxation. By using this form of mediation, the repeating a mantra will let your mind focus and concentrate on sound clearing away any other emotions, thoughts or distractions. You will find that your senses become more aware and that your mind is sharper and more perceptive without all the unneeded inner dialogue. This process, the use of mantra for meditation will allow you to develop a better direction and allow for more focus in our actions. Mantra meditation will help us let go of the competitiveness and complicatedness of our daily lives and change our attitudes to appreciate the simple things in life.

What is mantra meditation? It is the use of sound to help us focus and be more open. Using a mantra for meditation is considered the meditation technique of devotion. That is not to say that you need to be a religious person to benefit from this technique. Traditionally, mantras have been taught by using Sanskrit words such as “Om” and “Sat Nam” but you can use whatever word you choose to bring about a sense of happiness and tranquility. Perhaps my favorite example of this is found in the TV show “Different Strokes” when Arnold uses “cheeseburger” as his mantra to meditate.

With that being said, we need to know how to prepare for using a mantra for meditation. First you must understand that mantra meditation is a special time for you to connect with yourself. This is a time of deep thought and reflection in becoming one with your spirit. If possible, shower before your use your mantra for meditation, brush your teeth, and pull long hair up in a loose ponytail washing away all negativity. Try to use clothes that you will only use for mantra meditation so that you are not carrying with you any “baggage” tied to the clothes that you have on. Find a quiet, clean place free of distractions. Sit in a comfortable position that allows your spine to be erect. Let go of all the tension in your body and start with a few minutes of deep breathing.

It is not necessary for you to say your mantra for meditation out loud, if you are more comfortable saying it in your head then do so. If you are a beginner then you may want to consider repeating your mantra out loud for it helps with getting rid of distractions.

This allows our minds to be clearer, sharper and more aware. Mantra for meditation helps us let go of the daily pulls of competitiveness and complications promoting a constant state of inner peace that helps us live a more tranquil life.

By Jim Bow

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