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Learn How to Meditate

Learn how to meditate and relax. Learn how to meditate and de-stress. When you learn how to meditate you will find inner peace, happiness and create a state of deep relaxation and general feeling of wellbeing.

Although it may seem too simple, this is exactly how one should go about when taking up meditation. While you can employ the help of meditation experts to guide you and let you be trained in this field, you can start it off as a solitary exercise, by knowing simple meditation techniques. First of all, find ample time to practice meditating. You shouldn't   learn how to meditate when you have appointments and meetings in the next 15-30 minutes or a cake in the oven about to become burnt to a crisp. You want to relieve stress, not add more.

A quiet space is also optimal for you to be able to learn how to meditate. Some experts can meditate even in the noisiest bus terminals. However, we begin in a place where we are least likely to be disturbed. Some minimal background sound is allowed - a gentle breeze, faraway birds, the hum of the air conditioner, as long as they're not distracting. When you have time and space, sit or lie down comfortably and think of one word. Just one word. Focus on that word with deliberate care and intensity. Consider why you chose this word and ponder what it means to you, whether it reflects what you need or what you seek in life. Although your thoughts may drift during this period, realize this and bring your focus back to that single word.

When you feel you are at peace with your word of choice, open your eyes. Check how long you've been meditating; chances are, as you begin to learn how to meditate, you've only been at it for a few minutes. Try to curb this impatience and try for longer periods when you go again. Each individual meditation session is unique. You will probably change your words as you go along, but even if you use a word you have contemplated on before, the session's outcome will also be different.

Aside from alleviating stress, when you learn how to mediate it helps you gain knowledge of yourself, what your mind chooses to think about. The time spent reflecting and contemplating on any word will eventually trace its way back to you and who you are, perhaps even changing what you know about yourself. In a sense, this can also be why it is very calming to learn how to meditate. It could be your most valuable venture.

If you learn how to meditate and practice regularly you can enjoy and experience inner peace and well being.

By Scarlett Johnson

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