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How do you Meditate

How do you meditate when life is so busy? How do you meditate when you don’t have the time to go to classes? How do you meditate when you don’t know the difference between TM, Vipassana, guided, grounding or mindfulness meditation?

If you lead anything even close to a normal life, things are no doubt pretty hectic for you on a daily basis. Between working, the children, and your social life, it is easy for stress levels to get pretty high, and this is okay for a short period of time. Stress is a natural response to things that are occurring in your environment. It is your body's way of telling you that you have something in your life that needs to be taken care of. Sometimes, stress can get the best of you and that is when it is important to find a way to cope with your stress before it starts to mess with your life.

Meditation is becoming one of the most common methods that people are using to alleviate some of the stresses that occur in everyday life. Meditation is used as a method of pain control, a way of healing the body, relaxation and stress relief. It is a simple practice, a skill that can be honed to be extremely beneficial to the body as well as the psyche. But like any skill, meditation does require some practice. It isn’t difficult to meditate, but it most certainly requires a few elements that are required to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to meditation. So - How do you meditate?

The rules are actually very flexible when it comes to your meditation pose. You may sit in a chair, on a pillow on the floor leaning against the wall with your legs stretched out in front of you, or even lying down. You want to sit in a comfortable position, as straight and "open" as possible, allowing your chi to flow freely.

Chi, or qi, is the natural energy of the universe. It flows through everything, including your body. When your chi is out of balance or is unable to flow along its own paths, it can cause health problems, emotional problems, and other issues in your life. Meditation can help you keep your chi in balance and even redirect it in the event of illness.

One of the most basic forms of meditation is conscious breathing. This method is very good for beginners because it teaches you to focus and be aware of yourself. It is a very good introduction to higher forms of meditation. To engage in conscious breathing, you should sit in a chair or on the floor with your back straight. Draw a breath in through your nose, at the same time saying to yourself, "I am breathing in.” Exhale through your mouth while saying to yourself, "I am breathing out." Focus on the air coming into your body and leaving it. Once you grow accustomed to this practice, take the next step in viewing the air you are breathing in as positivity and the air you are breathing out as negativity. 

This means that as you breathe in you say to yourself, "I am breathing in the positive air, positive feelings, and a positive attitude." Upon exhalation, you say to yourself, "I am letting go of my negativity, all negative air, and negative feelings." Focus only on your breathing and tune out everything else. At first this may be difficult because it is not easy to quiet the mind, but with practice you can get control of your mind and body and your mind will quiet itself.

You can find amazing guided meditation courses online that will talk you through step by step so you never need to ask “How do you meditate again.”

By Wilma Pettygrew

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