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Beginner Meditation

Beginner meditation is meant to focus the mind to free it of distraction. For the beginner meditation may initially create relaxation. Inner peace and self worth are just some of the benefits you will receive when practicing beginner meditation.

For the beginner, meditation can be a test as it is directly in contrast to the way we conduct our everyday life. We rush through our days never taking the time to reflect or allow our minds to become uncluttered. Meditation helps us to see clearly the nature of our minds. Control of the mind is a must to finding inner peace.

Benefits of beginner meditation include increasing the ability to focus, a sense of calm, heightened awareness and an insight into what is going on inside of us. When beginning you must firstly set aside a time each day to simply ruminate on the activities of the day. Take into consideration that there will be nothing for you to rush into. Give all your attention to deliberate.

Get comfortable so that your back is straight without strain. Allow your eyes to close and focus your attention down through the center of your body. Do not be distracted by outside noises, thoughts or emotions. This will be exceptionally difficult at first.

As a learner of beginner meditation, focus on the breath and let it rise from the lower abdomen, concentrating on the rise and fall of the abdomen will simple allow you to learn to focus your attention more sharply.

This is where all beginner meditation trainees should begin. These are basic techniques that can be built upon as the student progresses. The sharper your focus becomes, the deeper your meditative state will become.

Beginning meditation is known to have many positive effects upon the mental and physical aspects of our bodies. For the mind, greater clarity, sharper focus and peace of mind are commonly reported.

Numerous medical studies have proven that daily meditation reduces high blood pressure, lowers the body’s temperature, lessens anxiety and reduces stress. These are only a few of the physical benefits. Many more point to the mental & spiritual benefits of beginner meditation. Beginner students of meditation have reported higher IQ’s, increased happiness, better problem solving abilities and more creativity. Some even say that they have been in the presence of a higher power.

If you suffer from stress, tension, mood swings or even physical maladies, beginner meditation could be just what you need. We all need to be in touch with our inner person and we all want to be peaceful, healthy and happy. Beginner meditation helps you achieve those goals through simple concentration, contemplation, reflection and thought.

By Geoff Jefferson

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