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Self Meditation

Self meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and people who practice self meditation to-day are experiencing incredible benefits. There is a lot of misconception about what is termed "holistic healing" or "self meditation". Holistic anything has gotten bad rap over the years as some people have used it for personal gain and cheapened the practice.

Truth be told, there is a great deal of benefit to be had from self meditation. First, let's define self meditation for our own purpose. Meditation is a method used to clear the mind and find peace, whereas self meditation is focused more on a specific problem or objective for the person meditating.

As example, in recent history, western Christendom has accepted the practice of meditation to facilitate spiritual healing, not only of the mind, but the body as well. Spiritual or miraculous healing is a cornerstone of Christendom and it has been welcomed warmly and entirely. Christians everywhere have taken to the practice of self meditation for many purposes, mainly healing of the body. In this context, it is merely a case of mind over matter.

Self meditation or Yoga is used by the Yogi to attain a higher sense of self or to come into the presence of a higher power. Some have even claimed to come directly into contact with their God, by whichever name you may call him.

Aside from these spiritual benefits, there are also the medical and physical benefits as well. Those who meditate enjoy lowered high blood pressure, less stress and a heightened awareness of their surroundings among others.
Meditation has long been said to bring one into unity with the universe and with nature.

The practice of self meditation or Yoga has been around for thousands of years. It has many forms and types named according to the creator of the method. Today it is believed that one can focus the tantric energy upon a center point in the body. As the power is routed through that region, the individual meditating enters a state of heightened internal awareness. He then has his mind tell the diseased body part that it is well and that it cannot exhibit any symptoms from that point on.

This is where self meditation has its own difference. It is a consciously focused, centered deliberation on a specific problem area with a definitive, desired end result. Standard meditation uses reflection and rumination to clear the mind and attain peace.

There are stories of people being cured of cancers, internal bleeding, physical disabilities and much more.

What or how you practice self meditation is entirely up to you and is dependent on your individual personality. Meditating can have many effects on your nature; character and can help you in the quest for your own identity.

By Carolyn Marsh

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