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Meditation Weekends

Meditation weekends can provide you with a great deal of insight into your own contemplation and rumination and it can also provide you with the physical and spiritual space you need. Meditation weekends will clear your mind and help you decide the direction of your meditation practice. Whether you're a newcomer to the benefits offered through meditation or you have been meditating for many years, you will recognize that your setting can be a key component to your meditation.  

You may think that meditation is something that you can do whenever and wherever you like and this is certainly true. You can meditate on break at work or right before dinner, but if you've dedicated a specific space to your meditation, you'll notice the difference right away. When you are in a space that is devoted to the art of mediation, you'll find that it is a great deal easier to enter a meditative state. Humans are creatures of habit and if you begin to associate a location with a certain action, you will realize that the association between place and action will aid you in many ways.

If you are interested in meditation weekends, you can certainly plan one on your own. You can find a camping location and commit yourself to private meditation practice. However, meditation weekends that are at a specific specialized location can also be quite handy. You will be at a community center that specializes in exactly what you want to do and have people who are committed to similar goals offering you a very real level of unspoken support.

A meditation weekend can take you a continent away or it might just be a trip to a local center. The important thing that it does is that it removes you from a place where you have to worry about things like grocery lists and paying bills. In a place that is totally dedicated to your personal considerations and deliberations, you'll be able to more easily quiet your mind and really concentrate on what you want to focus on. 

Many of the centers that will offer meditation weekends are found far away from the city, in the woods or by large bodies of water. Often, these locations have been picked for their physical beauty and sense of serenity. They also run the gamut in terms of camping experience, so before you go, find out what kind of accommodations they provide.

Because there may not be many places that offer meditation weekends near you, a certain amount of thought might be necessary before you can find the retreat that works well for you. Looking online in your area will help, as will getting recommendations from friends or from places like online message boards. 

By Michelle Arrowsmith

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