Meditation Retreat

A meditation retreat is probably one of the best gifts you can bestow on yourself or a loved one. Meditation retreats can be for a week-end or considerably longer to suit a variety of people.

A meditation retreat is usually in a beautiful, tranquil location surrounded by nature, and as soon as you arrive, you will feel the peace. The menus are planned with deliberation given to cleansing, detoxifying, and energizing the body, and you will instantly feel it working from your first meal. Just knowing that you have no pressure on you to go out or think about work can bring such relief that some people spend their first few days just sleeping between meditations.

Next time you are looking for a holiday destination, give some consideration to a meditation retreat. Make time to draw back from the world and the hustle and bustle of every day life for rumination, reflection, and relaxation. Detoxify yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually and go deeper into meditation than ever before in an environment designed to heal.

Spend a moment in thought about why you take a holiday and what you like to get from a holiday. The answer will usually be along the lines of time to withdraw from work and friends, time for reflection about your life, time to refresh and rejuvenate yourself and time to learn more about whom you are and finding inner peace and happiness. Unfortunately, this is not the outcome you will achieve if you run away to a resort and spend your nights out drinking in bars and eating every nice thing you can. This sort of holiday will leave you feeling like you need another one to recover!

Tension and stress can build up in anyone to the point where they feel like all they can do is run away. Often, people force themselves to soldier on through times of trouble, completely unaware of the problems this creates physically. It isn't until the body actually refuses to carry on and illness sets in that they allow themselves time for healing. Visiting a retreat for meditation on a yearly basis would be so beneficial to your health and longevity, and when you move back into the swing of your every day life, you will be renewed and relaxed.

Some retreats run courses that all differ in program design and others have accommodation and classes running regularly for guests to join. The meditation portion is unique to each venue, and some will have a few meditations a day where others will be almost constant. Contemplation and reflection is an important aspect to clearing the mind but once you are into the deeper stages of meditation you won't have any worries or concerns at all.

A meditation retreat would have to be the healthiest and most holistic healing experience you could have on a holiday. Your time there will provide insight into life, clear your mind, rid your body of built up stress and tension and cleanse your body. When the time arrives to return to daily duties, a new found peace and tolerance will go with you.

By Bill Edwards

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