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Meditation Group

A meditation group is only limited by the imaginations of the people in it. As long as the people in the meditation group are in accord, your meditation practice can include a wide variety of activities and events that can bring clarity to your awareness. While your solo practice might be conducted in silence, you might not realize how group chanting or singing can enhance and direct the experience. In Buddhist temples, both ancient and modern, daily group meditation is one of the ways that inner peace is sought. The disciples draw strength and concentration from each other, creating an overall effect of a meditative community or assembly. Depending on how you learned about the many benefits and advantages of meditation, you may have never take advantage of the concept of a meditation group! A meditation group is any sort of meditation or contemplation that takes place with two or more people who are working in concert. While it can be a little difficult for people who have been practicing solo to get the hang of this type of grouping, a meditation group can be extraordinarily useful for your reflections.

There is no need to begin with a large group; if you are shy or uncertain, a meditation group can start as yourself with one other person. It can even be in a situation where the other person is operating as a teacher in order to guide your deliberation. In this instance, you can learn from your group's experience and even find out about new techniques that can focus your method of thought.

A larger assembly in a meditation group can also provide benefits when you are ready. A comparison of experiences, obstacles, and victories can help you understand your own ruminations a little better, and give you more focus during your own private meditation.

One thing to keep in mind is that this experience will be different from meditating on your own. A meditation group is a way to inspire intimacy in an impersonal world. It is a method of contemplation that embraces others and provides a safe and spiritual shared space. This can be a very powerful experience. Even with one other person, you can explore things like synchronized breathing and simultaneous visualization. A meditation group is a way not only to draw energy for yourself, but to give your energy and experiences to others. In sharing, you learn and when you learn, your experience will be greatly enhanced.

A group meditation is one way to refine and explore new aspects of your mental and spiritual contemplations; don't let this opportunity pass you by.

By Natalie Bennett

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