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Meditation for Beginner

Meditation for beginner students can sometimes seem overwhelming. Most meditation for beginner student techniques involve focusing on something. This something could be an object like a candle flame. It could also be the breath. Alternatively the object of focus could be a mantra. In meditation for beginners, the idea is to let the thoughts come naturally as they do. One has to remain just a passive observer of these thoughts. Let the thoughts fall and rise and remain a passive observer. In time, you become detached to all feelings and sensations and calmly accept things as they are.

In meditation for beginner students, learning the proper technique to meditate is important. Sit comfortably, either cross-legged on the floor or on a straight-backed chair. It is important to keep your spine erect, as it is to be comfortable. Let us list down the various things to be kept in mind in meditation for beginner students, stepwise.

Find the right place – The right place could be a spare room or a corner of the bedroom. The key is to keep the special meditation place clean. Keep footwear away from this place, as it is distracting. Keep some flowers on a table at eye level and maybe light a candle. Burning some incense during meditation for beginner students will help to make the atmosphere meditative.

Clean up your body – Take a shower before meditating. If this is not possible at least wash hands and face. Wear clean light fitting clothes and remove footwear for comfort.

The right posture – This is very important. Sit with erect spine and sit comfortably. In meditation for beginner students, getting the posture right is very important. Meditating while lying down is not recommended as the most likely outcome is falling asleep.

Progress in meditation slowly and steadily – It is very likely that you will not be able to meditate for a long period of time in the beginning. Meditation for beginners involves just 5-10 minutes of reflection per day. Slowly increase the time of contemplation as you get more practice.

Meditate at the right time – Choose a right time during the day when you meditate. Generally, early morning is the best time to contemplate. Meditating at this time, the benefits percolate through your self throughout the day. Some people like to meditate after returning home from work so as to wash away the stress of the day. Meditating after a big meal is not recommended

Music – In meditation for beginner students, music can play a vital role. Music releases the heart and creates a very conductive atmosphere to meditation. Play it softly during your exercises. Listening to the right music can soothingly draw you to the contemplative state.

Meditation for beginner student classes are held in most areas or you can also look for a good course which will allow you to discover the many benefits of meditation in the comfort of your own home. If you choose to buy a course, remember the best course will always offer 100% money back guarantee. That way you can have all the help you need with nothing to loose. There are some wonderful courses that talk you all the way through your meditation sessions and provide beautiful soothing music for you to enjoy.

In meditation for beginners, we highly recommend keeping a journal in which to record thoughts and experiences. This is a great aid in meditation. 

By Joanne Monslow

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