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Learning How to Meditate

Learning how to meditate can be simpler than most people realize – and yet, learning how to meditate could actually save your life. In today’s world, with all the hustle and bustle, it is very easy to get stressed. Stress puts a strain on your heart and could, over time cause a heart attack or other serious illness. Many heart patients have been advised by their physicians to cut down on stress and take it easy or risk the chance of another heart attack. One way to do this is to learn how to meditate and rid your life of all negative energy.  The benefits of learning how to meditate can make your life better by making you happier and more relaxed in times of stress.

The basic way most people learn how to meditate is by learning how to rid their mind of all outside influences and thoughts. This can be done by practicing a breathing technique. This helps you to focus and keeps your mind from wandering. It is also very important to find a comfortable sitting position. Some people sit in the lotus position (Cross-legged on the floor). But you can also sit in a recliner with your feet up, bottoms of the feet touching. Put your right hand in your left hand. This will keep you from losing energy through the feet and hands. When you are learning how to meditate, you must clear your mind of all problems, relationships, and all outside stimuli.  Sit in a quiet place where there is no music or television. Sit up straight so you will not want to go to sleep.  Start breathing through your nose and concentrate on the breaths you take. If your mind starts to wander, go back to the breathing. If you repeat this every time you meditate, learning should be easy and fun.

Some people have a sound or a saying that they repeat when learning how to meditate. This is known as a mantra. However, it is fine to think of a word and repeat that word every time. Once you have mastered how to keep your mind from wandering and concentrate on one object or word, you are meditating. When you learn how to meditate and use this technique whenever you feel stressed or unhappy or upset about something it will make you happier and less upset over the everyday happenings that get us down. The mind is quite complex and the facts are if you have what you want or desire or think you need, and then you are happy. However if you do not have everything that you think you should have, then you are unhappy. Learning how to meditate can make this cycle go away. It can make you more at peace with yourself and your life and can keep you from developing an ulcer or many other illnesses, which, with more medical knowledge, are now being attributed to stress.

By Jane May

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