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How To Meditation

How do I meditate? There are many ways that you can meditate. It really depends on your personal preferences, religious beliefs, and which meditation techniques you want to use. However, the most common and easiest way to meditate is through basic meditation.

Basic meditation is very easy to do for some people. The process is simple, but it is not easy for everyone. The purpose of basic meditation is to simply clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and relax your mind and body.

To use basic meditation, you simply get comfortable in a chair, sitting straight. You can also use a meditation chair or pillow. Another alternative is to lie flat on a bed or sofa. The key here is to have good posture so that your breathing comes freely without obstruction of the diaphragm.

When you are comfortable, you may or may not choose to put on some meditation music. Meditation music is readily available from most department stores or new age shops. You can also choose to use relaxing or soothing music already in your collection.

Start your meditation by concentrating on your breathing. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a peaceful situation. You could picture yourself by a babbling brook or by the ocean. Whatever works best for you.

As thoughts enter into your mind, acknowledge them and let them go. Continue concentrating on your breathing. When you have reached a successful meditative state your mind will be completely empty.

Remain in this state of meditation as long as you wish. Most beginners remain in the meditative state for only a few minutes. The total process of meditation is typically ten to twenty minutes for the beginner. People experienced in meditation may have sessions that last quite a bit longer. The meditative state and the length of time that you remain in it is completely up to you.

By John Shone

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