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Stress Relaxation Techniques

Thought should be given to stress relaxation techniques you can use prior to a challenging situation arising. You need to have an action plan, so next time you feel the pressure building you can use your own defense to release the tension. There are literally thousands of stress relaxation techniques available, but breathing and meditation are certainly worth your serious consideration.

Regardless of the stress you are faced with, you do have built-in coping mechanisms that enable you to deal with it appropriately. It is when you find your emotions are getting the better of you and you feel enslaved to your reactions that stress relaxation techniques need to be introduced. When practiced daily, these techniques will make you more calm, assertive, capable and at ease in your every day life. You should also spend time in reflection on your confidence in your ability to cope with stress, because part of the problem could be that you don’t believe you can handle the pressure when it arises.

Meditation will be of benefit to you as preventative stress relaxation techniques as well as to reprogram your thinking processes and belief systems. Learning the power of positive thinking would be a good starting point as a topic for meditation, and you will find many available for home use. Through guided meditation you can learn to change your thinking from "I can't handle this hassle!" to "No matter what happens, I CAN handle it!" 

Stress, anxiety and tension are the result of constant worry. Learning to let go of stress daily instead of allowing it to build to a point of explosion is an important process for consideration. When you introduce stress relaxation techniques that involve daily meditations, you give yourself an opportunity to clear your mind of worries and release tension from your body. It is only through deep rumination and relaxation that your body can achieve the release it craves.

Another important factor to stress relaxation techniques is knowing what to do when you feel stress coming over you. This is when it becomes important to have a plan for deliberation anywhere, anytime. Most people find it effective to simply remind themselves to take a deep breath and relax, which wards off the anxiety. It is amazing how often people don’t realize there body has become tense and they are only breathing shallowly. When you say "Breath and relax" to yourself, you will notice all the tension you could have potentially held throughout the whole situation. The more you practice this particular stress relaxation technique it will become a programmed response that you do it automatically.

If you have a problem with stress and feel like your emotions are getting the better of you, design a personal stress relaxation techniques plan for yourself. Remember to have daily relaxation meditations, guided meditations for positive thinking and an action plan for times of trouble. If you put thought into planning all of these things you will be in control, calm and confident and can live a life free of constant worry and strain.

By Mark Lewis

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