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Relaxation Meditation

Relaxation meditation techniques are being enjoyed worldwide. It is scientifically proven that relaxation meditation exercises cure so many stress related illnesses.

Have you ever thought you life was too stressful? Do you want a respite from the worries of your daily life? If you'd like a rest, consider engaging in relaxation meditation. This kind of contemplation can help you obtain a considerable reduction in your stress levels. Relaxation meditation is the art of quieting your mind and achieving an inner calm through deep rumination. If you engage in this kind of reflection for just fifteen minutes every day, you'll be amazed at the results. 

If you've found yourself caught in deliberation about how much stress you're feeling, relaxation meditation is worth your consideration. For stress management, there are a number of breathing and biofeedback exercises that can benefit you immensely. Relaxation meditation frequently makes use of breath control, because this is one of the things that helps us form a bridge between out inner and outer selves. Breathing is an involuntary action that can become voluntary.

Try a few breathing exercises in your relaxation meditation program. One of the more common forms of relaxation meditation involving breathing is to focus on the area of your body just under your belly button. Sit still, in a quiet place, and watch your abdomen move with your breathing for five or ten minutes, focusing on the significance of breathing and the air it brings into your body. If you find that your mind is wandering, just bring it back to concentrating on breathing. Don't try to stop any thoughts – merely circumvent them. 

Another form of relaxation meditation that can help you is called progressive relaxation. Lie down flat, take several breaths, and breathe in very slowly. Tense the muscles in your feet then hold your breath and that muscle tension for as long as it takes to count to twenty. Release the breath and the muscles, allowing those muscles to completely relax. Then repeat this relaxation meditation, working your way up the body. Do the calves next, then the thighs, and finish off by tensing and relaxing the muscles of your face. When you close the relaxation meditation, do so by breathing deeply and calmly a few more times, but do not tense any muscles. This relaxation meditation is excellent for people who are having trouble sleeping. 

Relaxation meditation is an important tool in a society as busy as our modern one. Without the ability to seek inner peace, we become too caught up in our own worries and can suffer from physical and emotional problems. Instead of allowing stress to get you down, try relaxation meditation. You'll be glad you learned to engage in this wonderful art when you feel your stress and worries seeping away.

By George White

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