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Meditation Stress Relief

Through meditation stress relief can be achieved by anyone, regardless. During meditation stress relief occurs gradually and naturally without side-effects.

Meditation for stress relief is being used for an over all healthier lifestyle. The benefits are both physical and psychological for everyone that uses it on a routine basis. There have been over 1300 case studies done to document the health benefits of meditating. Many hospitals and clinics are now adopting meditation in health management and other health-oriented programs.

There are so many reasons why we all should learn meditation stress release exercises. Stress makes us feel “yucky” by the end of the day your back hurts, you have problems digesting, and not enough quality sleep and you are just not a nice person. Through meditation, you can fight against those effects and return your personality to “the old you” that everybody loves.

Meditation stress relief introduces more oxygen into the blood because of the improved breathing you will gain while meditating. Heart rates stabilize and as the meditation stress release exercises remove tension you will feel as if it is melting away. With a calm mind, you are then able to concentrate on the positive things in your life. Once you allow meditation to conquer the stress in your life your focus moves from the stress to the positive which then make you a happier person.

First, you are going to want to find a clean uncluttered space where you can sit or lay comfortably and you will not be disturbed. This aids in helping to keep the mind clear and uncluttered. Beginners will usually start with five or ten minute sessions that they will gradually increase as they become more adept at meditation. The key is to make it routine; meditation stress relief requires a commitment.

All sitting meditations need to be done in a comfortable but erect position. As slumping indicates low energy and passivity and conversely a pole straight position reflects tension and effort. Symmetrical body posture and straight spine help make meditation easier. Experiment with different positions until you find one that you are comfortable with.

Now, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Deep cleansing breaths, you’re only thought is your breathing and what it feels like. Notice the movement of your abdomen and your chest as the move in and out. Block out all other thoughts, feelings and sensations. If you start to wander, gently return to your breathing. Do this until you feel all the tension and anxiety leave your body. This is a total release to allow you to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Once you are relaxed you are done.

With routine meditation for stress relief and the commitment to yourself, you will be calmer and much happier. You will not feel stressed by the daily grind; you will feel young again and be able to be comfortable with yourself. You will take life as it comes and go with it. You will be free.

By Sarah Antrobus

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