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Meditation Pain

Through meditation, pain problems can be overcome. The way the brain recognizes and responds to pain is programmed deep in the subconscious mind, and with meditation, pain and soreness can actually be experienced as pleasurable. The issue for many people who are hurting on a daily basis is the rumination with which they focus on the discomfort.

Give some thought to an experiment conducted by a qualified hypnotherapy professional: While under deep hypnosis, he advised his patient that he was going to touch the skin on their arm with a lit cigarette butt, and they would probably feel a sting and a little burn. He then proceeded to touch them with an ice cube instead, and watched with great deliberation as a mark identical to a cigarette burn appeared before his eyes! When he asked them to describe what they had felt, they responded by explaining a small burning sensation. So strong is the power of the subconscious mind in its role to perceive pain that with meditation, pain can be overcome altogether.

Many welders actually use a form of meditation; pain, burns, and throbbing are something they experience on a daily basis. There is a technique passed down through generations where the second they injure themselves they grab their ear lobe and begin to squeeze. The idea is for them to take their attention away from the area of pain and actually convince themselves that their ear is what needs their attention. Whether this is the reason it reportedly works or whether the reason lies deeper in the fact that their subconscious mind believes it will work isn't really the point, as both are under the command of their subconscious.

All pain is certainly worsened by stress and tension, and where an ache would not normally concern you, it can be intrusively obvious if you are down in the dumps. Taking time for reflection and relaxation daily will increase your endurance and ability to tolerate discomforts, leading to the dissolve of the niggling pain. Meditation and rumination of the guided kind is available for people who experience high levels of stress on a regular basis.

Next time you are giving consideration to taking medication for pain, meditation could be your best alternative. Many people suffer from headaches and a feeling of being generally run down and unwell and a good meditation can turn everything around. The power of thought is an amazing thing, and some give credit to meditation for healing serious disease such as breast cancer and lymphoma. 

If you have ever experienced clinical depression, you know what it is like to think you just can't get out of bed and take on the day. Emotional pain, physical aches and a build up of tension combine to make you sick in the stomach, not to mention the fact that your head is throbbing! This is when you really need to allow yourself time for reflection and contemplation about what you really want your life to be: Do you want to go to the doctor and take anti-depressants, or do you want to get to the core of the problem and heal yourself naturally and thoroughly? Using exercise, detoxification and relaxation you can stop the pain. Meditation is there for you as a healthy crutch any time you need it, and is the only real way to overcome your pain on all levels.

Believe in the power of your mind to heal you! Participate in your pain meditation healing techniques whole heartedly and you will reap the rewards in all areas of your life. Remember when you first recognize soreness or feel tenderness, distraction is the best action! The more you focus on pain, meditation will become about the hurt, and that is what will then be amplified and attracted into your life.

By Dave Forrester

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