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Meditation Benefits

Meditation benefits are unlimited and meditation benefits are being enjoyed by millions worldwide. It is scientifically proven that meditation benefits stress related illnesses.

Meditation is a general term for a wide range of practices in which relaxing the body and stilling the mind are the main objectives. Simply put meditation is about being who you are and knowing something about who that is exactly. It is a time of contemplation and reflection. When it started it was basically used for spiritual and religious reasons, but now it is used to heal, repair and improve oneself both physically, mentally and emotionally. The benefits of meditation are numerous and all encompassing. So much so that it deserves your attention. While there are different types of meditation, they all lead to the same health benefits. These benefits can be broken up into at least three categories. These categories are the physiological, psychological and spiritual. Taking a look at each category we will see why meditation is a practice that each and every one of us should be taking part in.

Scientists have been able to measure the changes in a person before, during and after meditation. Brain scans have shown that there are actual shifts in the brain due to meditation. Brain waves in the right frontal cortex, which is the area of our brain prone to stress, move to the left frontal cortex which is the calmer area of our brain. Incidentally the brain scans have also shown that in the area of our brain that processes fear, activity is significantly decreased. The benefits of meditation do not stop there. Looking first at the physiological meditation benefits we find that there is a decrease in two chemicals our body produces that are associated with stress, which are cortisol and lactate. There is a reduction in the amount of unstable oxygen molecules known as free radicals that can cause tissue damage. Our skin has a higher resistance when we alleviate stress. Blood pressure and cholesterol also decrease both of which contribute to cardiovascular disease. We can breathe easier and age slower as well. Blood work has shown that there are higher levels of DHEAS in elderly patients that meditate which is yet another sign of youthfulness.

It is amazing to think that if we spent five or ten minutes a day ruminating we could feel better and be better. Psychologically we benefit from routine meditation. Meditating increases our brain coherence, improves our memory and learning abilities and brings about greater creativity, decreases our anxiety and depression. People who meditate on a daily basis are less irritable and show less moodiness. You actually feel younger and more alive which promotes increased feelings of happiness.

Spiritual changes are a benefit of meditation to people that practice daily. Though not a requirement of meditation it is a benefit regardless of your spiritual path. The longer a person practices meditation, the more likely his or her goals and efforts will change to more personal and spiritual growth. Many people who first learn meditation for its self-regulatory aspects discover that, as their practice deepens, they are more inclined to the realm of the "spiritual."

Meditation is the one treatment that can truly have a positive effect on your entire body and soul. Meditation benefits are so far reaching and endless that it is a practice that each and every one of us should be taking part in. Feeling better about who we are and knowing who we are and accepting that person will make not only individuals feel better but make the world a better place.

By Phil Pemberton

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