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Meditation and Stress

Meditation and stress release is absolutely amazing. Doctors suggest meditation and stress release exercises for illness everyday now.

More than ever, people all over the world and from all walks of life are taking up the practice of meditation and stress is the number one reason they are doing so. Stress and tension are a major epidemic in today’s society with the enormous pressures of work, finances, family life, studies, aging parents, etc. Stress and anxiety are often the underlying cause of many serious health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes and strokes to name a few.  In our normal daily lives we all experience stress and to a certain extent a little stress is actually beneficial, but when we are exposed to long periods of stress, damage can occur in nearly every part of our body. The effects of stress are also very good at mimicking other serious conditions, with chest pain, shortness of breath, joint pain, tingling fingers and toes and heart palpitations all putting extra stress of the sufferer. These symptoms should always be checked by your doctor.

By practicing meditation and stress release your mind and body is calmed, it starts to repair itself and blocks further damage from pressure. By practicing meditation and stress release both your breathing and heart rate is slowed and your blood pressure level is decreased, you will produce less adrenaline, use oxygen more efficiently and your immune system works better. In addition to these bodily functions, you will have a much clearer mind; remember things easier and you will be more creative. Many people also find that regular meditation and stress release aids in quitting smoking and giving up alcohol and other dangerous drugs.

Meditation and stress release helps train our minds to be more accepting and patient, giving us more stability thus stopping the urgent need to react rather than to stop and think clearly, it builds concentration and also lets us examine the habits we have formed in our way of thinking and gives us the power to alter these patterns and create less pressure for ourselves.  Contemplation allows us to live in the moment and enables us to make clearer conscious decisions without making it a stressful situation.

Spend15 to 30 minutes practicing mediation and stress will ease dramatically. Right from the very first session you will feel the difference.  Stress relief is achievable in the very short term and over time, with constant regular practice your health will also improve. The beauty of meditation and stress release is that it is free and all it takes is a little time and commitment. At home by yourself you need nothing more than somewhere quiet to sit and maybe a candle so you can concentrate on the flame or you can purchase a CD or DVD to aid you. Classes are available where you can be guided through by a trained teacher in a class setting. It is really up to you how you practice meditation and stress relief at home or in a class the benefits will be the same.

By Joanne Monslow

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