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Energy Enhancement Meditation

Energy enhancement meditation is said to be the first of 28 ancient and extremely effective meditation techniques, ensuing total control of the mind. Enhancement of the IQ will also be discovered along with a heightened sense of control over all negative thoughts, anger fear and depression. This technique has been practiced for over 5000 years and will take the meditator to the highest level possible of control of one’s own mind, by means of deliberate thought and reflection.

People are always bombarded with constant chatter of the mind, some of which is positive and some negative, thus the art of mastering energy enhancement meditation, is really under control when you have the power to stop any thought.

Subsequent to mastering this meditation technique, one will begin discovering how to access the unconscious and alpha, beta and delta levels of the psyche.

Of all the thoughts our mind is required to process, any recurring painful memories are indeed filled by negative emotion. As we become further skilled at no longer giving energy to a thought, by way of consideration and deliberation it begins to shrink, becoming less powerful and sooner or later disappears.

When the desired state of rumination is achieved and deliberate thought can be stopped, we then hold the key to the deepest and most sacred place of our inner self and soul. Every thought from there on will be of the utmost powerful, giving the individual the capability of making anything they desire happen. Where Thoughts really do become things!

Energy Enhancement has become recently known and understood to be the only meditation system of its kind for this century. Following years of research it has taken the best of all other meditative systems. The result being an extremely powerful technique used to assist individuals in reaching their full potential.

Here are just a few of the skills that energy enhancement will teach those using this meditation technique:

- A heightened psychic ability
- The ability to heal oneself
- Mastery of relationships
- The discovery of one’s true life path and purpose
- Total control of negative emotions
- Avoiding ill health caused by energy blockages

If energy enhancement meditation appears an interesting method of new discovery and worth some serious deliberation and contemplation, you will find more information relating to this technique by using the download link below.

By Christopher Knox

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