Benefit of Meditation

So what is the benefit of meditation? Is there such a thing as a benefit of meditation? Well to be honest, the benefits you can gain from meditation are endless, so much so that I’m unsure about where to start.

First of all to answer my own question and possibly one of the questions that you may be thinking of, whether or not there is a benefit of meditation. Well many businesses encourage their staff to take part in meditation courses and because of this they gain an advantage over their competitors and we all know businesses generally don’t like to lose any kind of productivity, so for them to accept losing some productivity whilst their employees are on meditation courses there must be a reason or an advantage for them to do so.

If something has been around for thousands of years then generally there’s a pretty good reason for it. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and the reason it has is because it works, simple as that, no bells and whistles or trumpets, no secret to it, no magic, is just a simple fact, meditation works. Surely that deserves your contemplation and consideration.

Though if that isn’t enough of a reason for you to put thought to, maybe the fact that research has scientifically proven that meditation is a safe and simple way to balance your physical, emotional, and psychological state may help to sway you. It certainly seems to be doing that in the medical world, as more and more medical professionals are now promoting meditation and its benefit and are now recommending to patients that rumination be used as an alternative treatment for illnesses.

The main advantage of deliberation is its ability to reduce stress and when practiced regularly contemplation can promote a sense of calm and reflection, even if only practiced for a short ten minute period.

Reducing the stress we carry in our lives is a massive benefit of meditation as the reduction of stress will lead to a reduction in the chances of getting stress related illnesses such as heart disease, infertility and digestive problems.

Still not sure or need more contemplation and consideration on the benefit of meditation, well here’s a list of what you can get from contemplation, call it a benefit of meditation list if you will:

  • Reduces anxiety attacks.
  • Builds self confidence.
  • Helps keep blood pressure normal
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Creates a state of deep relaxation and general feeling of wellbeing
  • Increases concentration and strengthens the mind
  • Helps reduce heart disease
  • Helps with weight loss

So as you can see there is a benefit of meditation. And that is not the whole list. I’m sure that if you took the time out to learn to meditate and practiced on a regular basis you would develop some if not all of the points that have been written about above, would come to you in time. You'll find you become more efficient and you will able to do less but achieve more.

By John Shone

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