Meditation will change your life in so many ways.

Seasoned meditators cannot imagine what life would be like without it.

If you want to simplify your life, meditation is the answer. If you want to fulfil your life, meditation is the answer. If you want to have joy and offer joy to the world at large, then meditation is the only answer.
– Sri Chinmoy

Meditation gives you everything necessary to deal with the difficult times and cope with life’s everyday chaos and madness.

It helps you stay focused on your goals, whilst still enjoy the journey along the way. It improves your health, both physically and mentally.

Here are 8 ways that meditation will change your life.

1. Less Reactivity

Do you sometimes act like a cornered animal when someone says or does something unkind or unthinking? Do you feel overwhelmed by life? Do you feel like you’re always deflecting or ducking life’s arrows of unfairness and annoyances?

You don’t have to react emotionally or blindly. You can respond calmly to whatever life brings your way, and minimize (and eventually eliminate) the heart-constricting, blood-pressure-spiking, vein-bulging reactions that leave you feeling on edge.

Do this simple meditation anytime you’re in a situation when you want to explode: bring your focus to your breathing and quietly repeat with each in and out breath: Breathing in, calm; breathing out, peace. Repeat a few times until you feel your emotions subside.

2. Confidence and Inner Strength

Meditation helps you live your life on your own terms. It teaches you to prioritize, focus on your goals and values, and be perfectly okay with eliminating the activities and arbitrary rules that keep you stuck in self-defeating routines.

If you’ve never lived your life according to your natural rhythms, meditation will teach you to do just that: eating when you’re hungry, resting when you’re tired, doing mental work when you’re “on” and moving your body when you feel the urge. In other words, work smarter, not harder – and honor your body and mind.

Meditation teaches you to be in a constant state of relaxed readiness where you are able to easily adapt to any situation and create a sense of balance, but on the fly rather than according to a rigid schedule.

A confidence-boosting mantra you can use is: “I can handle anything.”

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3. Happiness / Contentment

How much time do you spend worrying about your problems, the car payment, the mortgage, medical expenses etc? Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks?

With daily meditation, you put your problems into perspective, and spend considerably less (if any) time ruminating. Meditation helps you realize that life goes on whether you worry or whether you don’t worry.

Meditation will change your life significantly in a way that helps you to be kinder and more compassionate toward yourself. Learning to accept and forgive yourself is one of the most important things you can do for your emotional wellbeing!

Try this daily meditation: Breathing gently, silently repeat: May I be well, may I be happy, May I be filled with love.

Change Your Life

4. Wholeheartedness

Learning to live for the moment, in a state of love, is wholeheartedness. You can relax and enjoy the moment without worry – and give more of yourself to the moment: your talents, passion, energy, enthusiasm, joy and love.

Wholeheartedness also means living with the intention of causing no harm to anyone (or any living being – including yourself). It’s easy to unintentionally hurt someone by ignoring their feelings, but you can also be unintentionally directing negativity at yourself through your self-deprecating self-talk, put-downs and calling yourself unworthy or stupid.

Meditation helps you to shower others and yourself with love, forgiveness, and compassion.

You can try this meditation: “I am love. I feel love. I give love. I receive love.”

5. Control Of The Mind

Awareness is the key to personal growth. Through awareness you can get familiar with your monkey mind and its mischief.

Nearly everything you do is done with the intent to achieve something: if you do this, then you will get that. But meditation teaches you ‘to do’, just for the sake of ‘doing’.

You come into the present moment, without having an agenda or objective. In this state, you are more focused on what you are doing right now – and you are open to the immense creativity and intuitive knowledge that is within you.

Meditation will change your life as it teaches you that you are not your thoughts. You are able to objectively observe your thoughts, and realize that you are “having” them and that you “are” not them.

This gives you more power to direct them, to act in spite of them, and to consciously chart the course of your life.

In meditation – simply observe your thoughts, non-judgmentally, as if you were watching a newsreel or movie… just for fun. It really does take the pressure off!

6. Power Over Emotion

If you have ever acted impulsively, and later regretted what you said or did, meditation can help you get control over your emotions.

Change Your LifeYour emotions are generated by thoughts (interpretations of a situation such as “he is being mean to me”) and because you can choose to give zero attention to thoughts that distress you (in effect riding out the waves of emotions that threaten to consume you day in, day out) then your responses to life’s upsets will automatically improve.

You will also come to terms with the fact that your thoughts are not ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ and that you can choose whether to assign any meaning to them. Just knowing this, gives you immense power to observe your automatic thoughts while remaining unemotionlly affected. Therefore becoming less influenced and led by them.

The day you really begin observing your daily thoughts, without labels of negative, positive, good or bad is the day you absolutely turn your life around!

7. Inner Freedom

Meditation helps you distance yourself from your problems. This doesn’t mean you avoid them. It simply means that you are no longer consumed by your worries and that you can approach your problems as individual challenges, or even games. You’ll find yourself being open to alternative solutions including letting go and letting things evolve on their own (approaches that may have made you cringe in the past).

Inner freedom means that you, and you alone, are in charge of what you give your attention to and exactly when you decide to change your life.

In meditation, try this: as a thought comes up, immediately send it on its way with the command, “Next!” If it comes back up, “next” it again and again until your mind comes up with another topic. This is extremely helpful if you have a big problem and you are stuck ruminating on the same old thoughts!

8. Focus

Meditation helps you work smarter, not harder. It sharpens your powers of focus and concentration, so that you can get more done in less time.

The ability to focus also helps your relationships – when you can listen without formulating your response, you hear and understand more deeply and when people feel heard, they respond better. It helps you tone down your ego, and be a more compassionate listener.

Meditation will change your life immeasurably – start today, why wait?

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