How is it that some students can stay relaxed and focused under pressure while others get anxious during studies, suffering extreme exam stress?

Some anxiety can be due to lack of preparedness (those late-night study sessions crammed in at the last minute might not have given you all the information you need).

Assuming however that one has been studying and revising for exams, there is a way to get control over your emotions, stay focused and enter a state of peak performance. It’s as simple as meditating every day.

5 ways that meditation will help you ‘end exam stress’ are:

1. Meditation improves focus and concentration:

Doing well in exams requires thorough knowledge of the subject matter. If you find it hard to concentrate on your studies, meditate.

Meditation helps you stay present and helps you channel your attention toward even the most boring subjects. As your concentration improves, you absorb more information, and later when it’s time to recall it, you will do so with greater ease.

2. Meditation boosts your confidence:

Since meditation helps you learn, you naturally become more confident knowing that you have retained more information, and you can more easily retrieve it.

3. Meditation makes you more at ease during exams:

Meditation helps you to relax more deeply and teaches you to regulate your emotions, focus, and be “on” during exams.

To self-soothe before an exam or any stressful event, simply bring your full attention to your breath for a few minutes.

Fully experience breathing. This is a proven way to quickly bring yourself down from an anxious state.

Exam Stress Study

4. Meditation simulates creativity:

Many blocks to innovative thinking exist only in the mind. It’s not that the idea is silly, it’s that you have conditioned your mind to believe that it’s silly.

Meditation helps us enter states of mental activity, known as ‘alpha’, ‘theta’ and ‘delta’. In these states, when our critical filters insist, “that’s impossible” they can fade away, leaving us more open to alternative ways of thinking and doing.

Creativity can help you come up with solutions to problems without feeling stuck in the same-old ways of going about solving them.

5. Meditation will produce better results overall:

Not only will meditation eradicate intense exam stress, you’ll actually learn more.

And during exam time, you’ll be able to retrieve and apply on the day what you have learned previously.

Rock Your Exams Effortlessly and Confidently

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Meditation is like exercise. It trains your brain and you learn how to use it to its greatest capacity.

Here is a fun exercise you can use to sharpen your powers of concentration:

Sit somewhere in a public place that has lots of foot traffic (a subway, a cafe, etc.).

Choose a point of focus, and gaze at it without looking at passersby no matter how interesting they may be.

You just let them walk right past you, noticing that they are there but your attention remains focused on whatever you chose.

Do this for as long as you can. The results can be quite extraordinary as you apply this new skill to studying!

One final thought for eliminating exam stress:

You don’t have to meditate for hours and hours to receive the life changing benefits available.

10-20 minutes is all you need every day! Question is ……. are you worth it?

You can also squeeze in a couple of mini-meditations of just 3 minutes (perfect for a quick mental “reboot” anytime).

Just think of all the places those 3 minute mini-meditations could be practiced !

Get Creative!

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