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Experience the peace and tranquillity as you relax or meditate while playing LifeFlow®. In the beginning, you may experience the peace and tranquillity for only seconds, or it may last for many minutes. Even just a few moments in this state carries with it tremendous benefits.

As you progress, this feeling of peacefulness can follow you throughout your normal daily activities for longer and longer periods of time. Whatever the duration of time you remained in tranquillity, your mind and nervous system were afforded some much needed rest.

Peace and calm will begin to assert themselves in your life. In short, you can reap the rewards on every level of your being, and these rewards will carry with you out into your daily life.

Each LifeFlow® level incorporates a different beneficial brainwave frequency to greatly enhance your happiness, well-being, learning abilities and much more...

You will have to experience it to believe it!

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BEST DEAL: The first downloadable CD (40 minute version) of the amazing LifeFlow Meditation® series at $67, under your 30-day money back guarantee.

If for any reason I'm not delighted I may cancel and get a prompt and full refund and keep the downloadable bonuses of Optimal Learning, Creative Flow, and Discover Meditation regardless.

If however, I am delighted with the first level after 30 days and I want to continue to reap more and more positive benefits then please automatically send me the next deeper level of the program and charge my card for $67 (each month for 9 months). I am in full control and I may easily cancel my LifeFlow® subscription at any time I choose.

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I want the complete 10 CD (1 hour version) physical box-set of LifeFlow® Audio technology series at
$977 $777, under your 1-year money back guarantee.

I understand that you will also send me the physical CD's Optimal Learning, Creative Flow, and Discover Meditation as FREE GIFTS. (Value $331)

If I'm not delighted at anytime within one full year I may return the LifeFlow® series and keep the FREE bonuses, Optimal Learning, Creative Flow, and Discover Meditation (4 CD box set) regardless.

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(BOX SET - 3 easy monthly payments)

Please send me the physical CD box set above but I would prefer to make 3 easy monthly payments at $325.66 $259

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 FREE For Promptness Bonuses  

If you enroll in the LifeFlow Meditation® program today, you will automatically qualify for the new advanced gamma meditation CD's valued at $194.00.

Yours FREE if you take action today. We may decide to offer these new advanced tracks individually so this FREE bonus may be removed at any time.

Why would you want these advanced meditation tracks?

Gamma waves are associated with ecstatic states of consciousness in highly experienced and developed meditators. They are also associated with extremely advanced "spiritual" development. A new technology has been incorporated into the Gamma tracks Awaken and Nirvana and if you decide to get started with option 1 above, these tracks will be made freely available to you when you reach the last deeper level, which is LifeFlow® 1.

When used without meditation, both Awaken and Nirvana tracks can be used for relaxation, creativity, study, stress reduction, and so forth equally well. The 40hz frequency is what you might call a "Jack of all trades".

These valuable "FREE for promptness" bonuses may be removed at any time.

 What LifeFlow® Users Are Telling Us:  

Joshua O'Brien - Steelton, PA, USA

"The wonderful thing about the Life Flow meditation program is that the frame of mind that I cultivate while meditating lasts. . . period."

---Joshua O'Brien - Steelton, PA, USA

"My experience of meditation has definitely shifted up a gear! I can't explain it, only so much to say that it worked so well for me, I no longer need medication to regulate my blood pressure.. this really has done me some good! More please!!!"

---Karen Mitchell - Whitley Bay, UK

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