Meditation Teacher Training

Now days, there are many meditation teacher training certificate courses available for those who want to learn how to teach meditation. The following is an overview of the most popular meditation teacher training methods:

1.         Onsite Meditation Teacher Training Classes: These training classes are generally held at meditation studios and can last anywhere from one month to two years. The duration of the course usually depends on the amount of coverage of the course material you require. These meditation teacher training sessions may meet every weekend or for two weeks in succession. Try not to miss these classes  because repeat session requests are usually not entertained. If you have a job or some other work, try to work around your schedule to go to the classes, keeping in mind your aim to become a meditation teacher

2.         Meditation Teacher Training at a Meditation Ashram/Retreat: This concept of training involves getting completely immersed in the practice at the ashram, away from life’s daily distractions. If you do not have work or family obligations, then this is one of the best ways to undergo meditation teacher training. Many Ashrams function like universities and provide a great atmosphere in which to learn.

3.         Luxury Vacation Meditation Teacher Training course: This technique involves undergoing intensive training at an exotic location. This sort of training is similar to the Ashram training process. However, it also gives you all the necessary “creature comforts” and if you can afford them, then this meditation teacher training course is for you.

4.         Meditation Teacher Training Correspondence Courses: These courses may be slightly difficult for beginners, but for those with some previous experience it should be relatively easy. If you have a good foundation in meditation, then independent study will prove to be beneficial for you. Before you opt for a particular course, you must ensure that it contains the complete syllabus. This is a good option especially for meditation teacher interns who have obligations at home or work.

5.         Weekend Meditation Teacher Training Intensive courses: The weekend intensive courses also require a certain amount of homework and the sessions need to be held regularly. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you will learn to become a competent meditation teacher in a weekend or two. It doesn’t work that way. The study of meditation is a never-ending journey and as you go along, you will realize that the more you know, the more there is you need to learn.

Teaching meditation requires you to play a dual role, that of a teacher and that of perennial student. The key to becoming a good meditation teacher is to never stop learning and letting the light of enlightenment light your path.

By Hilary Reese