Sitting Meditation

There are many types of sitting meditation you can practice.

The most general and well known of the sitting meditation positions is the lotus position. The lotus position is also recognized as the Padmasanam position in which you sit cross legged. To achieve this position, you need to sit cross legged with your right foot on your left thigh and your left foot is on your right thigh, the soles of your feet being upturned. This position was developed to expand the chest cavity for enhanced breathing and also for promoting the steadiness of the body during sitting meditation. If this position feels uncomfortable, do not force yourself to stay in it too long, however over time your body’s flexibility will increase and you will become more comfortable.

When practicing sitting meditation your posture needs to be correct and your spine supported.
A comfortable meditation chair will produce the correct posture and can make a vast difference to the success and enjoyment of your meditation session. A meditation chair, by achieving the correct posture will create better breathing patterns for you and will prevent discomfort, enabling you to experience a deeper more relaxed contemplation session. The basic and simple meditation chair will be much more comfortable than your standard chair or the floor.

Another useful tool for sitting meditation is a cushion.

Good meditation cushions are essential to sitting properly during meditation and you will find a large variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Meditation cushions are stuffed and filled with various materials
Some cushions and companion Zabuton mats for sitting meditation are hand crafted from high quality, 100% cotton twill which is soft and pleasant to the touch. Meditation cushions which are fully stuffed with buckwheat hulls provide excellent support and should last for years. Buckwheat hulls are a natural material A zabuton is the perfect companion for your meditation cushion. A Zabuton is placed under your meditation cushion to provide a cushion for your knees and ankles.

By Shane Ishworth

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Research has scientifically proven that meditation is a safe and simple way to balance your physical, emotional and mental state and more and more doctors recommend practicing meditation as an alternative to drugs for anxiety, panic attacks, stress, insomnia, depression and various forms of addiction. People pay thousands to learn various kinds of meditation including transcendental meditation which is a multi billion dollar organization. Millions of people globally practice meditation to alleviate stress and enhance their lives with peace and happiness.

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