Planetary Meditation

Meditation for a connection between your inner and outer self is one thing, planetary meditation that will bring all spirituality together is quite another. Planetary meditation will result in a spiritual growth of the world as well as all those connected through meditation within it. It will help to bring peace to the world that all of crave.

Earth is one of the natural elements and it must be cared for. Creating a peace on Earth through meditation is the goal of planetary meditation. When you contemplate the effects that this could have on things like relations throughout the globe, you would wonder why anyone would not want to participate in this type of healing meditation.

A planetary meditation is achieved when several people from all over the world meditate at a specific time of day, every day. In this meditation, the focus is on a world that is at peace. Those that participate in the planetary meditation are at once releasing their spiritual energy into the air where it can merge and fill the world with a positive force that will influence the very structure of life on the planet. Imagine what could happen if enough people participate in this type of meditation?

The art of meditation itself is centuries old. It is something that’s been used timelessly as a way of gaining peace within your self. Its teachings have for ages been about how to handle situations that could possibly become negative or violent. Rather than finding violence, finding an inner peace has been the goal. So it is with planetary meditation. The goal here is to ruminate over the inner peace in all of us and send that spirituality out into the world.

Planetary meditation relies on a large group of participants. Instead of asking a large group of people to go out of their homes and join in the physical being to accomplish a task, a planetary meditation asks people to come out in the metaphysical sense in order to join together. The philosophy that there’s power in numbers is reflected in this type of meditation. The coming together of spirituality will only improve and enlarge the positive force that is out in the world.

With more positive thoughts being pushed out into the world and coming together, a positive influence will be felt by all. This will lead to happier people that have positivism emanating through them and felt all around them. This will only help to create a happier society through those deeply concentrating in their daily planetary meditation.

By Simon Hughes

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Research has scientifically proven that meditation is a safe and simple way to balance your physical, emotional and mental state and more and more doctors recommend practicing meditation as an alternative to drugs for anxiety, panic attacks, stress, insomnia, depression and various forms of addiction. People pay thousands to learn various kinds of meditation including transcendental meditation which is a multi billion dollar organization. Millions of people globally practice meditation to alleviate stress and enhance their lives with peace and happiness.

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