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Online Meditation Class

You have come to the right place if you have been looking for an online meditation class. Project meditation offer just what you are looking for. Originally created for 4 compact disks, we now offer our meditation course online free of charge by way of download. More than 4000 students have already taken our online meditation class (Feb 2007) and the feedback we have had has been amazing.

Below is a student’s email message we received recently:

“I was just about to take a meditation class in my local village and my friend told me about your online meditation class. I could not believe the quality of the recordings. They are much better than I expected. I just wanted to say, you are doing a wonderful thing sharing meditation with all the people.”

You will download your audio course and meditation instruction document and then over the subsequent weeks we will support you via email answering your queries and concerns. We will also send you success stories of students who have already succeeded with our online meditation class. We believe going the extra mile and supporting pupils is the greatest difference in students succeeding or not in learning meditation. As project meditation does not charge for the online meditation class, our question to you is: what have you got to lose?

Enjoy your online meditation class and please report back to your tutor with your success story once you have learned to meditate with us. It makes teaching so much more enjoyable when we hear how meditation changes people’s lives. It is a good idea to take our online meditation class at the same time as a friend or family member as you can both discuss your meditation practice together. When you enroll tell a friend to join you on your discovery of meditation.

By John Adams

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