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Meditation Practice

The benefits of meditation practice have long been known throughout the world.  Meditation is the conscious act of deep contemplation for an individual seeking to better understand their own inner mind and thoughts.  Meditation practice originated in the Far East, namely in Hinduism, but today has become more mainstream in the Western culture.  Many people practice meditation to relieve a wide variety of problems in their personal lives. 
Practicing meditation requires the individual to dip below the surface thoughts and into the realm of the subconscious.  By doing this, stress caused by the mundane activities of day-to-day living can be overcome and dealt with.

Stress is the cause of a multitude of illnesses.  Having too much stress can lead to a break down of the immune system, a weakening of moral and even thoughts of suicide.  Everyone has stress in their life and the important thing to remember is that all of it can be dealt with in the simple practice of meditation.

If someone has stress, meditation can help.  Once put into consistent practice, meditation can relieve most, if not all, signs of stress.  Using the inner reflection that meditation requires, the individual can begin to filter away all of the mundane worries that everyone is accustomed to facing on a normal day of life. Regular meditation practice is so beneficial and generates peace, happiness and a general sense of well-being.

Many people enjoy either using a word phrase as a repetitive mantra to help them go deeper into their subconscious, while others use simple breathing as a way to carry out their meditation practice. 

When beginning to meditate, the thoughts and worries of life will attempt to intrude upon the mind of the person meditating.  This is only an example of the conscious mind trying to interfere with reaching the subconscious.  Do not listen to that voice.  Do not let it disrupt the natural flow of your mind to reach the state of tranquility.  You will gradually find a wonderful sense of inner peace if you let your mind relax enough.  Simply let your mind go, let everything go and the state of higher consciousness you achieve will amaze you.

By Uma Johnson

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