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Your trying too hard just relax and be calm

Discussion in 'Meditation Chatter Box' started by manx, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. manx

    manx Member

    Dec 30, 2007
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    Hi all
    After being a member of this site for a short period of time it seems to me that too many newcomers to meditation take meditation too seriously and tend to try too hard and so not achieve the results which they could be.

    I have been meditating just over 10 years and one thing I have learnt over this time is that the harder you try the less successful you will be in meditation.

    In any other field this rule does not apply as the harder you try to become a good sports person or business person ect the more successful you will be.

    There are absolutely no rules whatsoever in meditation there is no set state that everyone will achieve and no set methods which will work for everyone.

    Everyone is totally different in that respect so if chanting Om works for me it does not mean it will automatically work for you! If visualizing signs symbols colours ect works for you this does not automatically mean it should work for me,

    There is no secret personal mantra which you need to pay a fortune for as any words or sentences will work. In my opinion there are no courses which really MUST go on to be able to meditate, even though most courses in meditation are of benefit but NOT actually a necessity.

    if any newcomers to meditation are reading this post just relax allow whatever happens to happen during your meditation,
    Don’t expect certain things to happen for you just accept whatever happens!
    Dont expect your meditation to be exactly the same every day,
    if nothing happens ...great dont worry about it it is perfectly normal.

    There is no harm trying different methods every few days this way you will find one method which you prefer but saying that just because one method works does not mean you have to categorically stick to it you can still use any other method you want to.

    Meditation is all about being still in the body and still in the mind but if you are sat there trying really hard to achieve state this you will you will be creating the opposite effect.

    good luck peace and light to you all:)
  2. lebourdonant

    lebourdonant Member

    Jan 1, 2008
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    words of Wisdom

    Dear Manx, Thank you for this post,
    Words or wisdom and words of truth could be a must for us all to read.

    To spice your output with a little sweet & sour...
    I spoke to a very high level athlet, a runner, well, the more he would relax, the faster he would run;
    So his goal actually is to relax in order to perform.

    A contradiction ?
  3. Larry Gessner

    Larry Gessner Member

    Dec 28, 2007
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    to relax

    Thank you both for some very good advice.

    To add, when I was a cross country runner in high school we would run a 5 or even 10 mile run as practice several times.

    During one of those runs I experienced what is termed runner fixation. I remember starting out jogging and then got into my running rhythm and felt very comfortable I remember looking at the leaves changing and all of the colors and how beautiful it all was and the next thing I knew I was finishing up my course back where I had started. The time it took to run the course matched but I did not remember running it.

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