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Your Success With EnlightenQ

Discussion in 'Meditation Chatter Box' started by Michael Mackenzie, Nov 8, 2010.

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  1. Michael Mackenzie

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    Nov 25, 2007
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    Congratulations to everyone who has begun their journey with EnlightenQ. I want to thank each of you for supporting this project and for being on the forefront of something that has the power to reshape our world for the better. By some estimates, if just 1% of the world's population attains enlightenment it will create a shift that will bring the other 99% along with us into a world that is greater than any of us ever expected to see during our lifetime.

    The reports coming in so far from those who have begun the EnlightenQ program are incredible. They're everything we expected them to be and more, and demand for the program has far outstripped even our most optimistic efforts not to mention the ability of our server to deliver the program. We're continuing to work on this and to get the course out to everyone who is waiting for it.

    I've also read some of the comments from those who would like to begin the program, but who may not be able to afford paying for the course in one lump payment. I promise you, I've read your comments and my staff and I are actively searching for ways to make it available for everyone who wants it, so be patient.

    I do feel a need to address one issue that reports suggest is taking place far more than we like to hear. In our world of instant gratification it can be difficult to curb our inclination to push on ahead at full speed. The EnlightenQ program is not something you can listen to once through and implement everything in it right away. The course itself is very clear that the materials have to be approached one skill at a time.

    Full mastery of the Q Exercise must be achieved before any attempt is made to move to the Q Technique. And mastery of the Q Technique must be achieved before attempting to integrate the Q Technique into other techniques and practices.

    We are receiving many reports that people are already attempting to make this integration. With the program's release just three days ago, it is virtually impossible that anyone should be through working with the Q Exercise let alone working with the Q Technique itself, much less attempting to integrate this into other techniques. And yet some are jumping ahead and attempting to do so, even reporting they are having great success.

    Whenever we begin something new there is generally a "WOW!" factor that colors all our initial efforts. It's easy to be fooled by this and mistake it for the goals and aims of the program. But in a few days or a week or so, the WOW! factor wears off, and without having made the real progress that working through the program as instructed brings, people will be left with pretty much right where they started, and with disappointment added to the situation.

    For example, some comments read that people have "finished the Q Exercise" and are now "working on the Q Technique", etc. Please remember, each step of this program lays down and establishes new neural pathways and habits in a very systematic way. This process takes time and repetition. There are not, and can never be any shortcuts here or else the ultimate aims of the program will not be realized. The active term the program uses is that before moving on from the Q Exercise to starting work with the Q Technique we must first "MASTER" the Q Exercise.

    Mastery is far more than listening to the exercise; trying it out; liking how it feels, and then moving on to new things. At minimum it should be expected that a period of a few weeks of consistent practice will be required to achieve mastery. For some, this may take a month or two. I say this with some hesitation because some may read into this that Michael says I should be through the Q Exercise in a few weeks." That's not at all what I'm saying.

    The time required will vary from person to person. It may be weeks or months. No one can specify in advance just how long it will take for each individual. But one thing is certain; the skill taught in the Q Exercise absolutely cannot be mastered in one or two practice sessions, or in a couple of days. Neural pathways simply aren't laid down and reinforced in so short a time. Moving on before real mastery is achieved renders success with the Q Technique impossible. You may get a few of those little "WOW!" bumps, but you will not have laid down the new neural patterns that are required for permanent success.

    So how does one know when mastery has been achieved? You will know because it will become second nature to you. You will have exposed yourself so often to the effect the Q Exercise generates that you will begin to see that same experience in other areas of your life all the time. Maybe you walk along a beach, look out at the waves with the sun beginning to settle down on the horizon, and suddenly you notice the exact same marker appearing that occurs when you practice the Q Exercise. You recognize it, and you slide into it if you choose to, just as you do when practicing the exercise. You are going to begin seeing these moments occurring all throughout your life, and you will recognize them for what they are. Furthermore, you'll begin to realize as this starts happening more and more, that these moments have always, always, always been there. You just didn't recognize them for what they were. Now, because of all your practice, they become quite numerous and obvious.

    When you have reached the point where you begin to see these moments all around you, all the time, and can slip into them at will, just as in the Q Exercise, you've attained mastery of the exercise and can move on to the Q Technique with full confidence of success.

    Yours for HUGE success,

    Michael Mackenzie :)
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