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Well now

Discussion in 'START HERE: Registration & Introductions' started by mob, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. mob

    mob Member

    Mar 3, 2008
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    Have to say, I'm a skeptical sort of chap - especially when someone says something is for "free". However, I'm also the sort of person that will try anything once - within reason :-/ Anyway, I - along with a few other acquaintances - am looking for some meditation courses to suggest to some "friends" but it's important that the material is either "cheap" or better yet free and also "secular" in nature.

    So, I registered, went to the opening thread, download the 4 cds and then played them. Well, what can I say, a VERY good introduction (actually the truth is it's a full course) on mantra mediation - much better then I would have thought or imagined. Well, produced, well thought out and, even if there had been a charge, an impressive piece of work. There is a VERY well known organization out there charging £2500 for basically the same thing but without the cds :-/. And that is tied to a certain spiritual "path".

    Again, I have no idea why you have offered this free Michael - this could easily have been sold as a retail "package". Yes, you have courses for "sale" and while I would normally be skeptical, considering what you have given for free, well good luck.

    Anyway, now I have stopped sounding like a bloody advert I'll sod off and meditate.

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  2. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Dec 15, 2007
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    Well, Mob, I would like to answer your question about why Michael offers this course for free.

    I quite agree with you that he could easily have charged money for it, it is amazing how simple he made meditation, having stripped it from mushyness and religion.

    As you might have noticed, you can also download LifeFlow 10 aside the meditation course.
    LifeFlow is a system that Michael has developed as brain-entrainment ( check out this link: Learn How You Can Benefit From Project Meditation! - Project Meditation Community ) which is quite unique !

    In order to let people benefit in the best way from brain-entrainment, he first needed people to learn how to meditate. So, he decided to give the meditation course for free !
    I think it is smashing that he actually wants people to learn how to meditate, and let them decide for themselves if they want to pay for LifeFlow ( yes, you can also get LifeFlow for free if you do certain things for the benefit of the site, check out this link: Increase Your Karma Credits Here - Project Meditation Community ) or not.

    Personally, I think the meditation course you took is just the beginning, and if you allow yourself to experiance LifeFlow 10 you will soon want to try the next one ! it is great !

    BTW try the course without LifeFlow first for about 2-3 weeks before you try LifeFlow. The change in your meditation will be significant !
  3. twinkletoes

    twinkletoes Member

    Mar 8, 2008
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    :) Hi Mob
    Edwin said it all really, Michael is such a wonderful guy, never met him, never spoken to him but to offer so many the opportunity to learn the gift of meditation at no cost is truly selfless, If the world were full of likeminded people who considered and cared about their fellow man then there would be no wars and no famine and no poverty.
    I started meditation last Sunday and the benefits are already evident. due to my ill health I am gaining karma credit to obtain more of the lifeflow but when it comes around to Christmas and birthday etc I will be asking family and friends to donate to my meditation pot. I am so greateful for how I am feeling already that I want to continue all the way with this.
    Wishing you well on your journey of discovery. :):)

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