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weird or normal?

Discussion in 'Mind, Body & Spirit' started by frettyboi, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. frettyboi

    frettyboi Member

    So I have just started doing daily meditation only about 2 days ago. One thing (which I find weird ) is that as I meditate I sometimes get a very different feeling running through my body which I can only describe as an orgasm feeling. It starts either in my chest or stomach and rises and goes through my body which makes me tense as it happens being that its almost an orgasm feeling. I know you are supposed to be relaxed during meditation which is why I feel this is odd but this only happens while im meditating. I personally think it could be like an anxious/nervous feeling? Seeing as I am trying to reach my inner self and be in a new/unexperienced state of mind I am thinking that maybe im expecting something to happen and waiting for it because so far I havent had any big experiences besides feeling slightly better after meditation but I know its only been 2 days. Anyone have any ideas or opinions about what this could be?
  2. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    First of all, it's not weird.

    These experiences happen more often, however the way you describe it is somewhat different from what I think it is.
    It seems to have the characteristics of a Kundalini experience, Kundalini - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia <-- link to Wikipedia , but from what I understand this feeling starts at the base of the spine, and not the stomach area, so this is making me doubt a bit.

    Itlandm knows most about Kundalini, I am hoping he will pick this thread up.
  3. GilesC

    GilesC Member

    Correct Edwin, kundalini energy rising starts at the base chakra located between the legs, but just because the sensation is felt in the stomach first doesn't mean it isn't kundalini rising. The sensation can be felt where the energy 'becomes stuck' as it rises, and in terms of energy healing this would be an area to focus on to help release the energy and allow it to arise, but of course a good understanding of the spiritual meanings of energy stuck in the stomach should be researched first to pre-empt the possible outcome of releasing that energy blockage, especially when it comes to kundalini energy rising.

    The best advice if the intention is for meditation is, of course, to simply observe the sensation and let it go and bring the focus back to the mantra. ;)


  4. frettyboi

    frettyboi Member

    ok thanks for the information I just wanted to understand what it was. It's not stopping at my stomach i was simply saying it feels as if it begins there which I could easily be confusing with a bit further down my spine but it doesn't stop it seems to come in like jolts and goes thru my body but im going to research it a little more so I have a better idea of what to do while meditating. Thanks again.
  5. Midnight

    Midnight Member

    I'll tell you what to do. Don't do anything! Don't actively pursue a state or a feeling. Whatever happens in meditation or as a result from is supposed to happen whether it feels pleasant or not :)

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