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Weird dream experiences

Discussion in 'Mind, Body & Spirit' started by DeepMeditation, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I used to have these very odd dream experiences back when I was about 9-12 years old (i'm 19 now), it only happenned three times, i'll explain them. One time I was asleep on holiday and I woke up and was convinced there was a bomb in the room, my parents were asleep in the same room but strangely I did not wake them I just hid in the corner without saying anything, until my Mum told me that their was no bomb when she saw me hiding...

    Another time I was convinced there was a bomb when I woke up in the night and again I woke nobody up I ran out the house and went about one minute down the road then came back when I realised there was not a bomb..

    The other time I was at a sleep over and I woke up in the night and I cant remember exactly what I was thinking but I remember crying quietely and crawling to the door.

    Anyway last night I woke up in the night and spat out phlegm on my bed (yuck), I thought at the time that I was somewhere else, I think I thought I spat in a bucket... I realised about 5 seconds later that I was awake and had spat on my bed.

    Is there any explanations as to why these things would happen? I have no idea. Thanks.
  2. Itlandm

    Itlandm Member

    Yes, this is pretty common. It means that you are dreaming while you are awake. A technical term is "hypnopompic hallucination." It is related to the even more disturbing sleep paralysis, where you wake up but your body remains asleep, trapping you for a while. The good news is that each episode is always fairly brief, although it may not feel like it while it lasts. But if you suffer from this condition, it is recommended to not keep weapons in your bedroom. I remember once waking up with the absolute conviction that armed enemy agents were surrounding the house and I would have to shoot my way out. (This is many years ago now.) I actually was holding my handgun when I completed waking up and realized that there were unlikely to be enemy agents given that I had no enemies and was not a Very Important Person. ^_^
  3. I have a sword collection lol..

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