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Was this some kind of meditating state?

Discussion in 'Meditation Chatter Box' started by Ceasar, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Ceasar

    Ceasar New Member

    Nov 26, 2013
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    Hello Project Meditation!

    The last time I was up to workout, I decided to sit down and look myself in the eyes in front of a mirror. I wanted to solve some things in my head and I had been recommended by a friend to do this.

    I did it for about 10 minutes and I felt a bit high. It was like a whole different angle. It is very hard to describe, but I was in a kind of very pleasant mood. Everything was so relaxed and calm. It was truly indescribable. Awesome feeling.

    When I got home (15 min with cycle) I was still in this mood. I could easily think and would like to feel the cold breeze, so I took off my jacket and went for a walk with the dog outside with a t-shirt. When I came back and saw how cold it actually was, I was a bit shocked. it stood at -15 Celsius. I felt quite strange, because I could feel the cold, but I didnt "freeze" I could easily stand outside for a couple of hours.

    I was like this for 2-3 hours before I went to bed and slept wonderfully.

    What the was this? It was awesome. :cool:

    Sincerly Ceasar
  2. GilesC

    GilesC Member

    Jan 4, 2009
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    I wouldn't say it was a meditative state in the usual sense we use the term meditation, as you were actively doing things and using your mind.

    It sounds more like some of the 'awareness' practices that can be done, meaning you managed to bring yourself to a greater state of awareness; more about being in the present moment (or the "Now" as Eckharte Tolle would describe it) and being aware of what is going on here and now rather than letting your mind and thoughts wander to the past and future ideas.

    Practicing awareness is a good thing to go alongside meditation practices. Stick at it. ;)



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