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Discussion in 'Meditation Chatter Box' started by beto, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. beto

    beto Member

    I suffer from tinnitus, a constant ringing or buzzing in the ears. I have it in both ears. In my case the sound sometimes manifests itself as a whistling sound. There is always a constants schuss sound which also varies in intensity. I also have a high frequency loss which begins at 2000 (left) and 3000 (right) hz, at a threshold of 20 db, an then drops to anywhere from 65 to 85 db at frequencies of 3000-8000 hz. (chart available upon request)

    I did not find any articles relating to this condition in any forum here.

    My audiologist cousin has suggested 'Neuromonics' as a course of treatment for the tinnitus. This product seems to have a similar characteristic approach to resolving this problem as you have with LifeFlow and similar meditation listening tools. At the moment, this is not available to me as I don't reside in the US and haven't been able to locate a resource where I live, Costa Rica.

    My questions are:

    Does anyone have any comments regarding their use/experience of LifeFlow as it relates to their tinnitus condition?

    How much of an effect does this condition effect the general meditative process as experienced by others?

    Do others who suffer from tinnitus have difficulty in tuning out the 'static' or do you use this 'white noise' to assist in your meditation?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this for me!

  2. MICKG

    MICKG Member

    I also have Tinnitus and I had concerns just like you. I asked Michael a similar question and I think it was Jodie that replied. Below is what was said.
    My tinnitus is also very similar to yours, it is with me all the time. I have been told by doctors that there is nothing that can be done apart from adding such as "white noise".
    Regards Mickg

    Hi there Michael,

    Tinnitus is that "ringing" people hear in their ears. I believe the most commonly accepted medical explanation is that the person is actually hearing the movement of blood through the capillaries inside the ears, but I'm not sure if everyone in the medical community accepts that as being the complete answer. In any case, entrainment waves are not perceived as musical tones because they are so slow. The lowest frequency the human ear can interpret as having a musical pitch to it is 20Hz. The vast majority of entrainment programs target Alpha waves or below and all of these are lower than 20Hz. So Tinnitus, while it is heard as a sort of high-pitched ringing in the ears, would not be masking or competing with entrainment waves since they are not going to heard as a pitch anyway. They will just be those "beating" or "drumming" sounds if they are consciously heard at all. And no ringing in the ears will impair the beating or drumming, so Tinnitus should have no adverse affect.
  3. beto

    beto Member

    Thanks for the information you received and passed along.

    My first cousin is an audiologist in Maine and the practice she works for recommends the use of a product by "Neuromonics". I checked it out on the web and you may find the product useful. Unfortunately for me, I live in Costa Rica, and it is not available here.

    Thanks again and Pura Vida!
  4. bashmaki

    bashmaki Member

    I would have to agree with Michaels claim about tinnitus and LifeFlow. I have tinnitus as a by-product of my deafness (at least that is the way I've always understood it). I am going on the second month of entrainment using the LifeFlow system and can verify the fact that tinnitus is no reason to walk away from LifeFlow. I have had some very dramatic changes occur in my life since using this system; tinnitus or no tinnitus.

  5. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Just out of curiosity, is Tinnitus different from ear damage ? This can cause chronic ringing in the ear too right ?
  6. bashmaki

    bashmaki Member

    That could be true Edwin; although I've never studied it. It is quite possible that a lack of hearing for any reason could bring on tinnitus. My lack of hearing is hereditary. I've been unable to hear certain tones since childhood. It continually gets worse with age.
    You should see it when my father, my brother and myself all get together. I'ts hillarious
    Huh . . .Huh . . .What did you say. Ehh . . . pardon me!!!! It gets like the Three Stooges sometimes.

    My sisters laugh 'til they nearly wet their pants sometimes!! :)

    Anyway, like the sense of hearing binaural beats in your ears; I suppose the tinnitus is caused by some kind of imbalance in ones hearing. The sound is not really there but you can hear it. Drives you batty sometimes.

    Seems anyone experiencing deafness of any measurable degree also is plagued by bouts of tinnitus too. Mine is worse sometimes than others.

    Last edited: Sep 10, 2008
  7. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    I see...

    I can imagine it being terribly annoying, especially because you can't turn it off, you are forced to experience it...:(

    Does it help to listen to music or something? I bet it can bring your attention away from it at least, but can you still hear the Tinnitus through the music ?
    And there is no cure for it ?
  8. bashmaki

    bashmaki Member

    Anything helps; even kids screaming :(

    Today I read an article in the newspaper about tinnitus. I guess there is a pill you can take for it (SURPRISE) now. The Doc also said it had something to do with hair follicles in the inner ear being broken off.
  9. beto

    beto Member

    followup info

    I've been away for a bit. Thanks for all the comments so far. Edwin makes a good point and I need to clarify some facts regarding my personal situation.

    I grew up on the northeast coast (US), and was an avid scuba diver. Most of my diving was in cold water. In some cases it was frigid, iced over quarries in Canada and the St. Lawrence river, the Atlantic near Glouchester Mass. (great lobster) and so on.

    As a result, the bones in my ear canals have some malformations. Prolonged cold water exposure is known to do this and contributes to tinnitus.

    I also was exposed to lots of high caliber gunfire as a youth and young adult. We didn't use much for protection in those days. Sometimes we'd just pop a shell casing or cigarette butt in our ears to deaden the sound.

    I would have to say that my damages have root causes spanning back almost 50 years.

    I've not noticed any change in my tinnitus after listening to binaural tones from various sources. Nor has it affected my body and mind's response to the tones, which has been positive.

    Thanks again to all who have responded to this topic so far.
  10. bvp663

    bvp663 Member

    My father suffers from Tinnitus after having a gun fired near him without wearing any hearing protection. He's learned to tune it out during daily activities and only really notices it when he focuses on it.

    I have a binaural track in my folder whose documentation says that there are reports that the track helps sufferers of tinnitus. I have been unable to track down any reports or studies in which they've actually tested it, but it sounds very similar to the neuromonics that you mention. I had sent him the track to see if it helped with his hearing, but being the religious conservative that he is I don't think he even tried it. I'm not sure what would make this specific track beneficial to people with tinnitus, as it sounds like most other binaural beat tracks. From your post it looks like binaural tracks have not yet made a difference, but at least the tinnitus is not diminishing their benefits.

    Best of luck!
  11. DaieiDoshu

    DaieiDoshu Member

    Tinnitus and Holosync

    There are many causes of Tinnitus and is a complex condition which may originate in any of a possibly hundreds of locations along the auditory system between the minute hairs in the inner ear through the complex neural pathways to the cortex where sound is perceived. Most believe Tinnitus originates for most (but not all) people in the brain not the ear.

    I have had Tinnitus for seven years. The first 2 years it was like living with a jet engine screaming in my head - EVERY waking moment, EVERYDAY, for two years. I couldn't really imagine more agonizing torture. Suicide was often contemplated. Fortunately, to make a long story short I have learned how to significantly reduce the volume to a "tolerable" level.

    I started using the Holosync system (Dive and Immersion) and after about 3 or 4 weeks noticed a sudden spike in the volume of my tinnitus. It was back to the level of the screaming jet. I found that if I took at couple days break from listening to the CD my tinnitus would return to the level prior to my use of the system. I can't directly speak for LifeFlow (I own both but most of my limited experience has been with Holosync.)

    Tinnitus is very idiosyncratic so I can't say that these products would have the same effect on everyone with tinnitus. Everyone is different. However, I have hear that I am not the only tinnitus sufferer who has experienced this this type of reaction with these CDs. I really believe the possibility of a very adverse reaction to these CD should be stated up front and made public by these companies before we subject our ears/brains (and pocketbook) to these products. I really liked the CD's and even in the short time found them very helpful to my meditation practice. Unfortunately, this is not something I want to play with.

    I felt I needed to put this information "out there" for others who have tinnitus and may be considering using this technology.
  12. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Member

    LF seems to have affected my ears/brain ear too, just in the last few days, about a minute or so into LF8 i suddenly get a loud ringing/popping that is very irritating from both ears which is lasting over the rest of the day too. It really sucks because LF is so freaking amazing in terms of stress reduction, and now I don't want to use it. I didn't have any ear problems before, that i was aware of anyway. So, i'm going to have a week off and see what happens.
  13. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Wow Mike, that is terrible, I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to have this kind of noise in my ears 24-7.

    I am glad that you managed to reduce it, and if LifeFlow enhances the tinnitus, I think you are doing the right thing to stop using it.

    Like you said, not everybody has the same body, and I have heard from some previous members that suffered tinnitus as well ( Gus, also known as Bashmaki is one of them, he is a regular here ) who didn't have these problems.
    Best thing to do is to try the product I guess, and see where it takes you.

    Good thing about LifeFlow is that you don't have to pay for the whole series at once, you can pay for every level. And I am pretty sure that if it turns out not to be working for you after all, PM would even give you a refund if you only purchased Level 10.
  14. i also have tinnitus.for about the last six months.it started when i was doing some construction work with loud drills.i was wearing ear protection so i thought i was ok.but i also started life flow at around the same time and none of my 18 work mates suffered any problems.i was probably one of the most stringent with my ear protection.i went to a ent specialist and was told i had no hearing damage.it was possibly just work noise causing the tinnitus.im back listening to life flow now.im still not really sure if life flow is the cause,but the benefits are to important for me to stop.tinnitus noise so ive read can come from the brain not the ear.so it makes sense that the changes in the brain that life flow causes could bring about these different noises heard in the ear.anyone using life flow will know how powerful it is,(mood changes,vivid dreams,deeper states)whose to say when your brain is being 'entrained' in such an intense way that that the brain isnt going to make a few whizz's and pops! i think with this fairly new tech we cant expect all of the benefits and none of the side effects.perhaps when the brain is entrained to a certain level these effects while die down.just a thought. :)
  15. pollyanna

    pollyanna Super Moderator

    Hi there, here is what has been written in this thread earlier - it's also in the F.A.Q.'s section.

    The medical profession claim there is no cure for tinnitus - I know people who have been cured for tinnitus through Contact Reflex Analasys. However, if you look up C.R.A. on the internet there will also be posts about quackery etc. It's no different with the drugs from huge pharmaceutical companies which the medical profession use. Some do far more harm than good :(

    I decided more than a decade ago to become responsible for my own health and that of my families by seeking out complimentary methods. One particular type does not have a cure for everything. Hope this is of help and I wish you good health and much happiness :) :) :)
  16. suekerr

    suekerr Member

    it might be a gift...

    ... i have had ear buzzing/ringing for a long time. It can be a good thing. Try tuning in to it as a vibration in your body. Focus on it and pay attention to it. It can be a really good way to tune in to yourself. You can find stillness where there used to be annoyance. It's not a problem, it's an opportunity.
  17. i agree suekerr.people are told to try and ignore tinnitus.like it isnt there.you will be advised not to sit anywhere quiet,to try white noise machines.where is the acceptance in that?there isn't any.chances are you will never cure your tinnitus,so i think it needs to be accepted.i'm not really sure how my tinnitus came about,but i know stress makes it worse and meditation helps me accept it.:)
  18. WeeHoo

    WeeHoo Member

    I've had tinnitus for years. I notice that it seems worse after I've listened to anything with headphones or earbuds, whether it's LifeFlow or Eric Clapton, so I just try to keep the volume down.
    I love, love, love the idea about accepting the tinnitus and using it as a way to tune into your body. I'm going to try to remember to bring my focus back to my body and the present moment whenever I notice the tinnitus. Trying to ignore it is just arguing with reality, and I always lose that fight!
  19. TomL

    TomL Member

    I've had tinnitus for many years

    It sounds like crickets chirping. In fact, the sound resembles the sounds with which I fell asleep while growing up in Mississippi, and thus it is rather pleasant. The hearing specialists speculate that playing the violin for 58 years is responsible, but, not being a full-time musician, I don't spend more than an hour a day average playing the violin, probably less.

    The tests show a hearing loss in the frequencies of the tinnitus, if for no other reason than the fact that the chirping masks the testing sounds.

    I have found that wearing earplugs at night while sleeping, and on airplanes, buses and anywhere that I am exposed to constant, mechanical noise, seems to help. Since I started doing that about 3 years ago, the doctor tells me that my hearing is no longer getting any worse, although it is not improving, either. Once the nerves are killed, they do not resurrect. Bummer.

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