The ware and tare of my thoughts.

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    As long as I can remember my mind has always put out a million thoughts per second through my brain every second of the day. As a kid it didn't ware on me too much but as I became older and was in high school it really wore me out. It was to the point I felt as if I was becoming almost crazy. Small things began to build up to big things and I made big deal out of nothing. as I turned 21 I began to smoke pot and I found that it really helped me slow my thoughts down and keep small things small. After doing it for a few years now I found I had to smoke more often to keep me level headed and relaxed. It was to the point I smoked more then I wanted to but now that I meditate everyday I don't need it. I can meditate and keep myself just as calm plus more. I'm not spending money and it's legal. I'm excited to see what the future of meditation hold for me. Thought I would share this since I know you will probably see my ask a lot of questions on these forums.

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