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The Fast-Track to project meditation success!

Discussion in 'START HERE: Registration & Introductions' started by Michael Mackenzie, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. The Fast-Track to project meditation success!

    Supposing you and a friend were physically unfit and overweight.

    You employed a personal trainer who made nutritional healthy meals for you, supplied you with a home gym and a personal workout plan. He was always on hand to motivate and advise you when to step up your program.

    Your friend however decided to go on a crash diet and run a mile a day because she wanted to loose weight fast. Who do you think would enjoy and achieve the most beneficial results?

    I'm sure you agree it would be you.

    I use this example because most of us understand about getting physically fit but many people do not understand how to achieve real lasting benefits through meditation.

    I have developed this fast track, easy to follow plan which will teach you to meditate within 24 hours.



    Whether people have meditated before or are just beginning, I strongly advise listening to 'Discover Meditation' before dramatically speeding up the meditation process with LifeFlow audio technology.

    Discover Meditation consists of 4 compact disks:-

    (you don't need to play them all on the same day)

    CD.1 can be played immediately.


    - Simply listen for only 20 minutes and learn why it is important to prepare to meditate, how to gain the most benefits and some very important guidelines.



    - Listen to important instructions for 3 minutes.
    - Breath deeply for 1 minute.
    - Guided 5 minute meditation which I will talk you through and explain why you need to take two minutes to come out of meditation to gain greater benefits.
    - Another guided 10 minute meditation.
    - Optional gratitude exercise which I strongly recommend. 7 minutes




    Track 1

    - Brief discussion to help you understand how you felt whilst
    meditating for 2 to 3 minutes.

    Track 2

    - 10 minute meditation session.
    - Gratitude exercise for 7 minutes.



    Track 1

    - A 4 minute discussion about your meditation session and what to do if you get interrupted.

    Track 2

    - 5 minutes silence, then tinkling bells for 5 minute meditation.

    Track 3

    - 10 minutes silence, then tinkling bells for 10 minute meditation.

    Track 4

    - 20 minutes silence, then tinkling bells for 20 minute meditation.

    As you can see, 'Discover Meditation' takes so little of your daily time, it is a simple, practical and very effective course.

    Within a few brief meditation sessions you will know how to meditate correctly.

    I am committed to helping you to learn how to meditate. I want to be your personal meditation trainer, always on hand to motivate and advise you when to step up your program.

    All you need to do is press play and listen to C.D.1

    When you feel comfortable with meditation, you will be ready to dramatically speed up the process with LifeFlow. (this maybe within 2 or 3 days)

    Here’s what you do now:-

    When you practice your traditional meditation, you should also listen to the free demo CD of LifeFlow meditation technology. You can download this track by clicking here.

    Continue doing everything you have learned so far, breathing deeply and becoming comfortable, thinking your mantra etc. The only difference will be that you will do this while you listen to LifeFlow meditation technology.

    You can listen with and without headphones and I recommend you try both ways eventually. Initially I recommend you to use stereo headphones to get the best results.

    Check out the community and see for yourself how others are progressing. Many people have commented and posted on here that using LifeFlow makes their daily meditation session something they really look forward to rather than being a chore.

    Click here to download your FREE discover meditation course.
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  2. pollyanna

    pollyanna Super Moderator

    Important for all new people

    I followed Michael's instructions with the fast track to the letter. I have used all the levels of LifeFlow and achieved amazing results in my life. I continue to use various levels and am continuing to observe and let go of very deep feelings of fear from when I was young. The fast track is the best thing I have ever done and Lifeflow is my special time everyday. I wish you all joy and happiness on your journey of discovery :) :) :)
  3. dobdotcom

    dobdotcom Member

    headphones or not?

    I know that with some Lifeflows headphones are recommended and with others you can either use them or not. Can you tell me which? I know I've read it somewhere.....

    :) Yours in peace

  4. pollyanna

    pollyanna Super Moderator

    Hi Jennie, You can listen to all the levels of LifeFlow with headphones and through speakers. (I find it good to use both ways.) I believe Creative flow and Optimal learning can be listened to either way also. I may have stated in past posts that I listen to Creative Flow or Optimal learning over speakers during business meetings, when I am working, in the background for my grandson's homework sessions etc. I find this really helps us a lot. I'll make a point of trying these two with headphones and let you know if I notice anything different. I wish you happiness and joy on your continuing journey of self discovery :) :) :)
  5. meme

    meme Member

    Thank You

    Dear All

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn how to meditate. This is the first time in over a year that my mind was still. I am in the midst of a divorce from my soulmate and the love of my life. I need the stillness to learn how to grow and to continue to believe in my marrige.

    Thank you
  6. lilmare4

    lilmare4 Member

    OK Michael and beginner community: - not being someone who loves to follow directions, while I did download the 4 introduction to meditation CDs, I ran right towards the sample LifeFlow binaural CD - in a rush for "help". Of course, without the correct instructions, I was clueless of what to acutally do so I've just simply been listening....generally at bedtime, and nearly falling asleep during. I jumped on here to ask people what their experiences have been with the sample since mine have been.... Well. I don't think anything major has happened.... But again, I did skip the intro meditation CDs!

    However, I can't say that my listening without instruction has been without result. The first time I listened to the sample binaural, I saw colors and patterns behind my closed eyelids. It was definitely interesting and quite lovely. Haven't seen them again, however. I also have had a couple of moments, here and there, where I find myself looking at something with real clarity. Its like whatever the thing is,it suddenly has jumped into hyper focus. It's only momentary and happens unexpectedly during my day, but makes me smile. I have no idea if this is a result of the sample CD or not.

    I realize I need my ABC's before I can learn to "read" so I'm going "back to the drawing board" and will listen to the intro meditation CDs, but the question is....have I done any irreparable damage to future results?
  7. SoulRider

    SoulRider Member

    These experiences of clarity, where an area, object or path is more vibrant or illuminated, are described in the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, or more specifically, the 3rd book in Series - The Search For Shambala, as the 'Dakini', otherwise known as Angels, and various other things in different religions/cultures. They are illuminating a path for you to follow, an object for you to notice, a person with a message, they are answers to your questions. You just need to stop, and notice which question is being answered.

    You cannot damage your connection to self. You ARE. You are just going back to YOU. You cannot fail to connect with that which you are. It is you. I understand this intuitively, yet I have still failed to act upon it myself.
  8. mi&p

    mi&p Member


    Greetings from Ireland,
    I am (eagerly) awaiting delivery of my LifeFlow CD's. Today I accessed the 'Forum', and was shown the Discover Meditation 4 CD's. Unfortunately,after several attempts I still can't seem to manage to download them successfully, as I'm a novice at this technology (that's why I ordered the expensive CD's as opposed to the more affordable downloadable option).Can you tell me if they are included in the CD package I bought (I paid aprox Euro 550 ). I really want to get started on this!
    Very best wishes,
  9. Yes

    Hi Miriam,

    Yes, you get all the materials as CD's - It's 17 disks all together.

    Welcome to the community, Michael :)
  10. blackbess1957

    blackbess1957 Member

    Free E-Course

    Hi guys and thankyou for a fantastic site, an even more fantastic free LF meditation "aid" and for helping to make me feel like I'm not the only person in the world you needs help with meditation if I'd like it to progress to more then the occassional 2mins AT BEST.

    Thing is I must have logged in from both my laptops (work and home) and hence 2 email accounts. I cannot seem to locate my Lesson 1 etc etc of this free meditation e-course though its a daily effort for me to locate it. I have found a couple of random lessons (email 5 and another I think) on my yahoo account but thats it and I'm LONGING to start at the beginning with Lesson 1, before purchasing my LF cd's in installments.

    Can you help?

    Warm Regards
    Victoria aka Tori
  11. Audio Mantra Course

    Hi Victoria,

    I think you are talking about the mantra meditation course?

    If so, you can re-download your course to any PC you choose.

    You must be logged in to the community, then, click the large button at the top left of this forum which says "Discover Meditation".

    Michael :)

    P.S. If you need the email support re-setting, email Jodie at support[at]project-meditation.org and she will re-set your email support for you from the start.

    replace [at] with @
  12. begin

    thanks just started and feeling fine looking forwood to more thoughts of well being peter:cool:
  13. wow!

    i listened to the sample 5 times and felit so good i cleaned my lounge... just like that!!! i am prone to depression, muddle, addiction, anger, anxiety, blame and ...i could go on!! but have been very optimistic for the last month or two as i have found my path again and life-flow is just what i was looking for ...watch this space as my husband and i heal,reinvent ourselves and live our dreams ... thank you michael for this splendid opportunity!
  14. AntonHansen

    AntonHansen Member

    Thanks Micheal

    You wanted to thanks so much for introducing me to meditation, i was meditating on my own for the first time this morning before school, and after that i did the Visualization and Gratitude excercice, which really kicked started my day in a very posetive mood :)

    So just wanted to say thanks for brinning this into my life, and i can tell you how much i am looking forward to start LifeFlow when i feel a little more experienced with Meditating on my own :)

    Thanks a lot all of you :)
  15. pollyanna

    pollyanna Super Moderator

    So happy for you Hanson and I wish you an abundance of joy and happiness :) :) :)
  16. AntonHansen

    AntonHansen Member

    Thank you so much Anna :)
    I am looking forward to experiance a Deep State :)
  17. Balaam

    Balaam Member

    not getting involved with negative thoughts..

    I started using some of the guided meditations recently and have had a really hard time with thoughts chucking themselves at me like kids throwing mudballs as a speeding bus. I find micheals voice very soothing and guiding and so its that, and recollection of an old teaching story i heard in a monastery that brings me back to sanity. my thoughts are hostile. memories of childhood traumas and domestic violence as well as fears, abandoment and things like that. the thing about meditation is that there are no distractions like radio and tv and i found that my brain wanted to compensate by wrecking the silence and throwing anything it can at me to unsettle my meditation. as if something inside me doesnt want for me to heal. a monk told me that how i should approach meditation is like someone standing on a platform waiting for a train. a train comes and its full of drug addicts and gangs, and people fighting and arguing. you have a choice, you can step on the train and once the doors are closed you are involved and caught in the middle of it. or, you can observe, stand still, and dont get on the train. just let it go past. dont get involved. thats a good approach to negative thoughts that come to mess with your meditation. dont get involved. just observe as a spectator. let it come and then let it go.

    i find the presence of micheals voice and the accompaniment of music leading to moments of silence a good balance for me to drift into meditation practice. sometimes silence, all at once, can be too much for a beginner because of the stored mental and emotional baggage. project meditation is excellent.
  18. bashmaki

    bashmaki Member

    The train is passing

    To use the perfect analogy of the monk you spoke of; it sounds like the train is at the station and you are having trouble not getting on. It is amazing how much of a fuss those derelicts and drug addicts can muster up eh? Now it is up to you to make the right decision. On . . . or watch as it passes!

    BTW, The analogy of children throwing mud balls at a speeding bus was just to much for me. I lost it in laughter:D
    An excellent, vivid description of wayward thoughts. I love it.
  19. Anni66

    Anni66 Member

    First timer...

    I have just finished completing the first two cd's Michael and would like to thank you for bringing them to us out of the kindest of your heart.

    I would also like to thank whichever force that has drawn me to your site as I was in a bit of a ste to say the least.

    During my meditation session I felt tingles in my hands, arms and feet. Had a strange feeling of something holding down my hands, but feeling light at the same time??? Plus I almost fell asleep sitting up!! If it wasn't for my Mantra........I'd be in the land of nod :).

    Afterwards I went to my back door and felt the night air in my face and watched the clouds racing by above my head periodically covering the stars, but I somehow feel more connected again and for that I give thanks. Can't wait for the next installment ;).

    A x
  20. scruffles

    scruffles Member

    Hi my name is Jenny and i'm new to meditation and lifeflow. I downloaded the free mp's and yes i am impressed. I am enjoying it so much, but yet I don't have enough time to myself to do it more regularly, however i am trying and will keep you guys posted

    :) i am happy with the results i can see so far in myself, but there must be more to it cause i do feel quite exhausted and happy at the same time when im done.

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