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Taking a step into the world of our Being

Discussion in 'Eckhart Tolle' started by angelaIBSH, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. angelaIBSH

    angelaIBSH Member

    We have all experienced meditation and allowed for our bodies to quiet down and to relax from our busy lives. Meditation is defined as continued or extended thought; reflection; or contemplation. The feeling that one gets from meditating and how refreshing and awake one feels after meditating are only a few of the many reasons why people meditate.

    Scientific studies have discovered that meditation increased the brain size. It allows people to deal better with the physical and to “rise above” physical limitations. A scientist found that certain areas of the brain were altered during deep meditation – predictably the front of the brain that are involved in concentration. But, scientist also found decreased activity in the parietal lobe, one of the parts of the brain that helps orient a person in three-dimensional space. Therefore, when people have spiritual experiences – just like during meditation – they feel they become one with the universe and lose their sense of self.

    When we meditate, we are able to enter the world of our Beings and transcend physical boundaries. Is our ego mind shut off during meditation due to the strong bond and interconnection between our Being and Universal Being? Or are we simply able to develop awareness for the existence of an inner Being to step our ego minds?
  2. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Brilliant post !

    This is how I see it:

    Do you really exist ?
    Are you here, now ?

    You know you are, so the answer is yes !

    So, your Being is allready here ! You can't "enter" the world of your Being, because it is the source of you. You can take away your ego, nothing dramatic happens, but if you take away your Being, you cease to exist !
    There is no where to go, nothing to reach ! You are your Being, but your thought and ego keep you from experiencing it !
  3. angelaIBSH

    angelaIBSH Member

    Thanks for giving me a clearer understanding!

    I am my Being. Therefore, the physical domain is a manifestation of our higher levels of existence. We have the ability to transcend physical boundaries our Beings possess unlimited potential. When we meditate, we are able to ignore our ego minds and allow our Beings to develop an interconnection with the Universal Being to form oneness.

    Meditation focuses on the present moment, on the NOW. Is this the reason why we are able to feel a decrease in stress – or simply to escape the chaos that one might by experiencing in life? In other words, is it because we are allowing our feelings to become less obstructive and more motivational?

    Perhaps the “hyper-awareness” of the Being that one gets from meditation is what allows the feeling and experiencing of deep bliss – kind of like everything exists and intermingles to form a harmonious whole.
  4. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Most feelings that we experience in our everyday life, are caused by thought.
    Our mind causes cramp-like sensations in the stomach area when we feel fear.
    Our muscles in our arms, belly and legs tighten during stress.

    So, when living in the Now, thoughts stop, and the ego disappears. In this space that is left behind when it is not taken in by thoughts and fears, only love can exist. And with it come sensations of bliss, interconnectedness with God or the Universe, and a strong sensation of unity.

    Meditation is like a practice to achieve that.
    Even tho you could experience it right away, right here in the Now, and there is nothing to achieve, the ego will try to prevent you from realising this.
    When you realise it, the ego dies. It doesn't want that, it wants to feed on your feelings, and feeds you with thought that bring you more unease, fear, tension.

    In meditation you learn to, even momentarily, let go of thought and ego, by focusing on a mantra or breath, or whatever.

    So, everything you describe you feel in meditation is like a prelude to enlightenment.

    This interconnection is allready there. We are allready One. The mind is just giving it it's best to make sure that we don't see it.

    Stress is tension, a thought-based illusion in our mind, that wants us believe that we are feeling stress. This is usually time-based:
    Something that happened in the past, or something that will happen in the (near) future, like a deadline that is impossible to make. Immediately the mind starts to play scenario's in our mind what will happen when we don't make the deadline. We might get an angry customer, we might get a contract-based penalty, we might lose our job.
    All speculation, and usually the problem is never quite as serious as the scenario's played by the ego.

    Also, these scenario's keep you from performing your tasks in the best possible way, so they are actually slowing you down !

    If the mind stops, the ego disappears, and all there is is this moment that you live in. Your creativity is at it's peak, and even if you don't make the deadline, and you do get a penalty, or lose your job, you accept it as something that happens, and could not be avoided. You did your very best, and you will find a better job, or earn back the money you lost in a different way. It is all just a play of form, your connection to the source fills you with bliss and all you need is this. Happiness comes from within, not from circomstances.
  5. seatrend8899

    seatrend8899 Member

    Awesome Edwin!

  6. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Thanks Seatrend !

    Lately, and I think this is due to Tolle's work, the word "ego" seems to become a bit too heavy in it's daily use.

    "that is just the the ego talking"
    , or how about this one " I am struggling with the ego ".
    I'm sorry, but the word "ego" should be used only in the sense that Tolle wants it described, not as a concept, but as a short version of this description: " The collection of thoughts and memories gathered and remembered during the entire cause of your life up to now, that lead to a false believe of who you are ".

    That is all the ego is, the ego as a concept doesn't exist. There is no ego-bone, or the ego is not part of a certain part of the brain...
    " Ah, and when doing a brainscan, that there, smashed between the temporal lobe and the anterior commisure is the ego-lobe"
    It is simply a collection of thoughts that feeds itself.
    This collection is highly deciptive. It takes time to realise that thoughts, or collections of thoughts like the word "ego" points to, can only appear in consiousness. The Self is endless and boundryless, it has no beginning and no end. In this field of no-thingness, thoughts can appear. The ego can appear. Since thoughts appear in the Self, thoughts can mislead themselves into the belief that thoughts ARE the Self.
    Just to show how deceptive the "ego" is....

    I wrote this a few sentences ago.
    Think about that second sentence...
    Who is struggling with the ego ?
    Being, the Self or whatever name we can think of ( or concept we try to make of something that can't be conceptualised ) doesn't struggle. It simply Is. It is only consiousness in the Now.
    So, the "I" that is "struggling with the ego"... If it is not the Self, than it is the "ego" struggling with the ego...
    And we just proved that the ego doesn't really exist, it's just a collection of thoughts.

    So, a non-existing ego is struggling with the non-existant ego...

    Doesn't make sense now does it ?

    This is why it is so important to let go of thoughts, why we need to practice meditation at first, and later on, to try to hold on to that state of no-thought outside of meditation. Without thoughts, when we just Are, when we See without judgement, living in everyday life without distractions from the mind... Think of the peace, the wonderfull bliss of performing seemingly boring tasks when " I am bored " is suddenly replaced by " I Am ".
    Without thoughts about boredom or a false sense of I, Love and Bliss come out of the simplest tasks. Imagine feeling that feeling of bliss you allready know from meditation while doing the dishes, sweeping the porch, cleaning the toilet, making love, posting on this forum... But I get carried away.

    Bottom line is to realise that the ego is thoughts, and thoughts keep you away from fully experiencing the moment, the only moment that is real, the eternal "Now".
  7. seatrend8899

    seatrend8899 Member

    Double Awesome Edwin!


    shine on

  8. angelaIBSH

    angelaIBSH Member

    Great insightful explanations!

    The ego mind does indeed seem to be bit heavy in its daily use. Sometimes we allow the ego mind to dominate, when actually we can quiet down the ego mind with our Being - which possesses unlimited potential. Just as you mentioned, we have to raise an awarness that the ego mind creates unecessary thoughts that prevent us from exeriencing essence and oneness with the Being.

    being the Being. :)

    The previous discussion about the ego mind and Being during processes of meditation leads to a new question.

    "I cannot tell you any spiritual truth that deep within you don't know already. All I can do is remind you of what you have forgotten" - Eckhart Tolle

    As the quote states, everyone possesses all the spiritual truths of the world. It is all within us, innate perhaps? As society changes and life develops into a more complex era with technological developments that no longer require as much brain and body work, why do we seem to focus outward more than we focus inwards? Why does it seem that many people are not aware of the Being and that his or her existence is actually a puzzle piece to the universe? Are we WHOLEness or NOTHINGness?
  9. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    A very enjoyable discussion !

    I would like to make clear to you that when I quote you and offer a different point of view, this is not meant as critisism. I want help you deepen your insight.

    Now that we have cleared the air between ego's:

    Try to think of it this way:
    The ego IS thought. Everything that happens inside your head is thought. Everything that is still, motionless, the calm centre within is You.
    In a way, it is more like shifting awareness rather than raising awareness. Right now, all the attention is on thought usually. A thought comes up, we react to the thought, this invites the next thought in.

    When you shift your awareness to Being, and from there watch the thoughts come up and go without judgement, the stream is broken. Sure, another thought may pop up, but there is no ribbon of related thoughts that come up afterwords. Now you see the silence between the thoughts, and better yet, you feel it, intensely in every cell of your body, you "hear" the silence, you See it....
    lovely contemplation.

    What is Self ? What does Self look like ? Is Self some-thing or no-thing ?
    We can't deny our existance, yet Self is formless, and this formlessness is what drives our mind crazy. How do you lable an existing nothing ?
    We are space, there is no form, no beginning, no end.

    We are God, in the same way that another person is God, an animal, a plant, a rock, a sun, a comet, that annoying bug tickling between your shoulderblades, all this I Am. 65 million years ago, when Dinosaurs roamed the earth, I Am. When the universe ends in the big crunch, I Am. No beginning, no end, neither in space nor time.

    When I first read this on an Advaita website, my ego went off the charts.
    Now it is Truth.
  10. angelaIBSH

    angelaIBSH Member

    Thank you for making that insightful distinction! Instead of raising awareness for something that already exists, we shift in our awareness. By shifting our awareness, we are able to step out of the ego mind and to realize that most things we react to are simply thoughts – predictably thoughts created by the ego mind. Perhaps meditation allows people to feel blissful and reach a state of inner peace because we are no longer reacting to every single individual thought that arises in our minds.

    It is said that “thoughts create reality” and yet we are not our thoughts. Many people may mistaken from this phrase that we are our thoughts, but mediation and a shift in awareness will allow us to quietly observe our ego mind without judgment, just as you mentioned!

    Do you guys think people are afraid to face their “inner selves”? A person from another forum stated that some people are terrified of meditaiton and reflection of the Being. Why do people tend to focus outward more? Is it simply easier and more comfortable? Or are they just trying to escape dealing with the complex Being?

    "Emotion arises at the place where mind and body meet. It is the body's reaction to your mind or you might say, a reflection of your mind in the body” -Eckhart Tolle

    If the body already houses the mind, why is it then necessary that they meet together? Can the body connect with the mind at all times, or does it have to search for the mind?

    Great discussion so far! I really enjoy reading your responses and insightful comments, Edwin! :)
  11. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    I too enjoy the conversation. It helps me clear things for myself as well !

    Rene Descartes once said the famous phrase "I think, therefor I am".
    But in a way it is the other way around: I Am, therefor I think.
    Thought is never wrong ( how could it be ), intelligence is one of the greatest gifts to mankind. We only need to realise that Being puts the mind to work, and when the mind is finished with the task it is ordered, it needs to "shut down" again. The shift in awareness we are talking about makes you the one who controls thought, not thought that controls you. :)

    When you say "Some people" in a way you are saying "Some person". What is a person ?
    Is your Being, your Self a person ?
    A "person" is simply another word for "ego".

    So, yes, most ego's are terrified to notice Being. The ego will disappear when you become aware of the fact that it doesn't really exist. In Buddhism this moment is called "Death before you die" and with good reason. The ego "dies" and all that is left is the everpresent Being. The ego doesn't want to "die" and makes you feel fear and unease just thinking about it. Keep searching :cool:

    The body/mind is like a computer/operating system combo. Completely useless without the operator ( Being or True Self ). A computer/OS ( Body/mind ) doesn't do anything by itself. Even tho the operator isn't a part of it, they need each other to get results. The Self feeds mind with orders, mind executes them. The place where they meet could be the computerscreen/keyboard-mouse in my analogy. The interface so to speak.

    There are no real seperate parts. You are your mind/body/Self combo. There is just a mixup about who is in charge. After you clear that issue, there is only peace. :)
  12. angelaIBSH

    angelaIBSH Member


    First off, such an insightful idea you have there! I think that it, indeed, can be said from both angles. The first one is like “thoughts creating reality,” where our inner Being dominates the physical domain. But, it is because I AM, because I am the Being and because I, like the moderator that you mentioned, have the ability to control the ego mind. Therefore, we shouldn’t overreact to our thoughts!

    Great analogy! It really cleared up some of some of these complex concepts! The mind, body and Being does work together! They co-exist and one will never be able to get rid of the others. It all depends on how we control them and balance out the “power” of each.

    I suddenly thought of a question that I’ve wanted to ask for a long time! Sometimes we find ourselves daydreaming or just “blanking out” all of a sudden. it feels like you have shifted between two worlds. It is that sudden “click” that awakes you and destroys all those sweet thoughts. What is happening to the mind and the Being in such intervals? Is the ego mind releasing itself, or is it simply a transcending of boundaries?
  13. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Ah, you got me there !
    I have been thinking about this one too. Hadn't really come to a conclusion about it yet. Allow me to "think out loud" here for a moment.

    Like yourself, I really enjoy these moments of "blanking out" like you said, getting envolved in a peacefull daydream.
    However, is this daydream ego ?
    Am I unwantedly feeding the ego by doing this ?
    The feelings during these pleasant daydreams are similar to those during meditation. Maybe it is caused by the sitting still, who knows.

    I guess enlightenment is not just about not-thinking, it is about no unnessacary thinking. When you "wake up" from the daydream, thoughts stop, like you mentioned. With me at least, the pleasant feeling lasts, even tho the thought stops. In the end, I think maybe it is about allowing yourself to drift away into unconsiousness in the knowledge that when you snap out of it, thoughts should go away and stay away. Maybe it is best to allow only 90% of yourself to daydream, and stay aware of the daydream for only 10%, like a anti-virus program running in the background.

    You allow your thoughts some freedom, like you would take away the leash of a dog to let it play for free for some time. You only allow your dog this freedom knowing that when you call him back to the leash he will obey !.
    As long as a person is not free from egoic mind, letting it run free will cause trouble in my opinion.

    Interesting to see how an answer will slowly form :)

    oh btw:
    Being just Is. It is here, now. Nothing in the world that you think, do, or is done to you in the physical world, can change Being.
    Doing something to no-thing just creates something within nothing. Take away something, and all that remains is no-thing.

    All you can damage is ego. ego can damage your physical body, so take away ego, and you are pure Being. Always, no matter what in the world has hurt you in the past. This pureness, this unchangeble wholeness is allready at the base of You. You allready are that. Ego is just telling you otherwise. I just think it is a comforting thought for you to know that you can't really be hurt.
  14. angelaIBSH

    angelaIBSH Member

    Therefore, is it that when we daydream or when we blank out, we are giving our ego mind space to release its thoughts, but when we suddenly “awake” from that “blank” state, we are re-garthering our thoughts and once again taking control of it? I like that analogy! Sometimes, we can allow our thoughts to flow freely, but later we can “call it back to the leash” and it will quiet down. When we first start meditating, we experience a state of “nothingness” or “emptiness”…perhaps this is when our Being is regathering all of our thoughts and which eventually allows our Being to live in its purest form, as you mentioned!
    What I am saying may be a little simplified, but this is the general concept! (correct me if I’m wrong!)

    I agree with what you say! Our ego mind is not completely evil. It does not exist only create unnecessary thoughts. But, on the other hand, it is also what sometimes inhibits us from experiencing essence with the Being. As you have previously mentioned, we should not overreact to such thoughts because they are simply thoughts – thoughts that we can control! It is, indeed comforting to know that we can’t really be hurt. Perhaps it just depends on how we deal with things, and the charge (as we discussed in the most recent discussion) that we distribute among the Being and ego mind.
  15. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    taking control might not be the best way to describe it. Maybe I am splitting hairs, but...

    What control do we have over our thoughts ?
    Do we actively think our thoughts, or do the thoughts come up out of nothing ?

    Does our mind form thoughts ? Or do we watch them come up ?
    The "leash" from my analogy might have given you this idea. But thought and self-image are not who you really are.

    Perhaps, in the beginning. When you just start meditation the connection with ego is so strong, that you can't imagine not being it.
    At this stage, a person can still get depressed, and needs a therapist to get out of that.
    As soon as the realisation comes that all thought is a re-action to life instead of action, and that ego doesn't exist, depression can't come anymore.
    Depressed ? Who is depressed ? Me ? Ego ? Being ?
  16. islovin

    islovin Member


    So am I to understand that eventually with continued meditation I will no longer feel depressed?

    And the reason for this is that the more I practice just watching my thoughts go by, the better I will get at not dwelling on them.

    Are you saying that what I am actually doing is training myself to not dwell on my thoughts. If I don't dwell on my thoughts then I will be better at just letting things be. Especially, if the things I am thinking about or dwelling on are things that I have no control over and possibly because I have no control over these things....that is the reason why my thoughts depress me?


    I have only been meditating daily since September. I have only been using LifeFlow since March.
  17. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Hi Irene :)

    Think of it this way:

    What is depression ?
    You feel depressed. What is the cause of these feelings ?

    Usually things like a negative self-image, constant recurring thoughts, stories made up by the mind that can only be temporary. The mind is extremely unstabile. There is a constant fear of the mind that you will see the truth about thought, so it advertises it's own "truth" constantly, and quite loudly.
    When you believe the advertisements as truth, the negative thoughts that are meant to feed and strengthen the mind's position, the body will react to it.
    A nice way to illustrate the unstabile nature of the mind are stories like this one:

    You have been having a bad day. When walking to the bathroom you hit your toe. When squeezing the tube the toothpaste came out the back end of the tube, on that nice shirt you were planning to wear to work today.
    The car wouldn't start right away, so you had to hurry to work, and almost hit another car.

    By now, the mind will have made a story. "This day is a complete disaster", "I should have stayed in bed".

    When you arrived at work, your boss calls you to his office. You arrived 5 minutes late, so in your mind there is allready a big fight raging about you "being only 5 minutes late, and what is the big problem anyway, I always work late, what kind of a boss are you anyway".
    You come in, and the boss smiles at you.

    "Irene, I have decided that your work here is so wonderfull, that you will get a raise."

    Wow, suddenly this day can't possibly go wrong anymore.
    You walk around on top of the world, the mind feeds you with memories of the talk with your boss, your colleagues seem extra friendly today, everything is wonderfull !!

    and then you spill your entire cup of coffee on your dress.

    The stories behind the events keep going and going. The events in itself mean relatively little. So, you hit your toe. The pain passes after a few seconds, and after that, it is history. If you were to focus on the Now only, after the pain has subsided, the event of hitting your toe doesn't exist anymore. Right after hitting your toe even, the moment of hitting your toe is gone, and all there is is pain in your toe, the actual hitting it is allready a story fed into your mind "I have pain in my toe because I hit it". But the hitting has allready passed.
    Without the story, small events like the toothpaste incident in the physical world mean only 2 things: You need a new tube of toothpaste and you need to wash your shirt.
    The feelings behind it, anger, annoyance, come up and that is fine. They come up and there is nothing you can do about that. They pass after just a few seconds, like all feelings do. Unless you remember them, linger on them, confirm the story in your mind to be true.

    Now it is quite easy to see the lies in the negative events.
    But how about the promotion ?

    The stories that your mind makes up about how wonderfull your life is, are they true ? Do you feel happiness ? Or joy ? What is left of these feelings when you spill your coffee on your dress ?

    THE THOUGHTS HAPPEN AFTERWORDS ! So they can only be lies, as the event they react to has allready passed.

    When you take a sip from your coffee and it is too cold, you, your Being will register this right away. The fact is inescapable.
    Only after your Being registered it, will mind tell you "This coffee is too cold".
    Well DUH !
    Tell me something I don't know !

    Being knows. It experiences, constantly. Knowing without having to think about it.

    When mind stops making stories, the negative and positive feelings caused by it will stop.
    Sounds scary huh ? Your mind will now probably think "But does that mean that the world will become tasteless, no good, no bad ? Isn't that boring, won't we become emotionless, indifferent to what happens ?"
    This is because mind tries to make a concept out of something that can never be understood with the mind.
    I can only try to tell you what it is like, but it can only be experienced. You feel Love, Unity, like coming Home and staying there. The shallow emotions still pop up, joy, anger, annoyance.. They only stay for a few seconds, and then they are gone. You are able to be completely calm only 2 minutes after having felt complete rage about a situation. Because that rage is in the past. The Now is constantly changing.

    Freedom from stories completely changes your world ! You welcome both the positive and the negative as part of You, because you know that You experience it. Everything you see, hear, smell, feel, think, is caused by You.
    Without You, there is no experience.

    This freedom is usually named "enlightenment". The ego, the storyteller is gone. Everything you do in the physical world happens by itself, as it does right now allready, the storyteller just claims copyright to actions that happen by itself:

    "I made a wonderfull poem today".
    Did you really ? How ?
    "Well I sat down, and waited for the words to come up."
    Hm, doesn't sound like something you did.
    "But I reasoned about the words"
    With who ? And when you were unsatisfied with a word or sentence, what did you do to change it ?
    "Well, I thought "that isn't right" and waited for a better sentence to come up".
    Hm, I don't see why your ego is so proud of itself, it did absolutely nothing to create that poem.

    Another good example for male readers: " I am an excellent driver ".
    If you don't understand the meaning of this one, we can do a similar discussion ;)

    When ego is gone, depression is gone as well. Depression is caused by stories.

    "But what about the chemical unbalance that the psychotherapist talks about, he sais I need anti-depressants ?"
    Only in rare cases is the body directly responsible for depression.
    Usually the chemical unbalance is created by negative thought and stories, that affect the body by making glands work less effective.
    Not just those that produce hormones, but also for example the glands that produce the protective layer inside your stomach, so that the agressive stomach fluids reach your actual stomach's skin and create an ulcer.

    I am not saying that nobody needs anti-depressants. They can be effective in bringing the vicious circle to a halt. But they aren't a cure for depression, they are a cure for the physical reaction to thought. They don't cure the cause, they cure the reaction. But especially people who are totally unaware of what ego is, who firmly believe the stories told by thought about themselves, those people need to get more positive, that is, make a less negative self-image, and anti-depressants can be of huge help to create that.
    But, that person is still troubled by the ego, it just is a slightly more positive ego.

    A very long answer, but the conclusion is: Yes, with enlightenment, depression will disappear alongside with the ego.
  18. Edwin

    Edwin Member

  19. sliccy

    sliccy Member

    Can I have your autograph, Edwin?
  20. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    LOL !!!

    Good one, maybe I should start giving Satsangs, dress in white robes and have a whole number of devotees that look at me in awe all the time as I continue my job as a locksmith :p

    Maybe write a book "The enlightened Locksmith"


    The realisation that I wrote about starts really easy actually.

    It all comes down to the question that has plagued mankind ever since awareness entered our body:

    "Who am I ?"

    All you have to do, is follow the question inside.
    With everything you think, feel, do, experience, ask yourself this question, preferrably all through the day:
    Who is it that is experiencing this ? Who is thinking this ? For who am I thinking this ?

    For me, fear used to be the biggest obstacle on my path, or so I thought.
    But just like Byron Katie likes to turn things around, so did I.
    I was constantly afraid of going bankrupt. A very strong fear. Nauseating.

    Then, I realised that there had to be someone inside me that was experiencing this fear. Who is feeling this fear ?
    As I started searching inside for the "me" that felt fear, I was shocked to discover that there was no "me". What is the color, shape, size or weight of me ?

    In fact, try it now for yourself. ( Read this first http://www.project-meditation.org/c...1832-who-am-i-meditation-sunday.html#post9524 )

    Fear is just one of the roads inwards. Any strong feeling or thought that you are experiencing now, is good for this. It doesn't have to be a strong one even, but the stronger the emotion, the wider the road inwards.
    Take some time apart for a moment ( or do it during your meditation ) and as soon as you notice that you are thinking, simply ask yourself the question: Who is thinking this ?

    Don't judge the thought. You don't have to. It is just a thought that comes up. As it comes up, you either go with it, or observe it. Asking yourself "for who am I thinking this ? " will lead you away from the constant chatter in your mind, the judging of your thoughts.
    Feel free to change the question to the occasion. It is not a mantra: WhoamI,WhoamI,WhoamI,WhoamI...

    Ask the question, and listen, look, observe, wait for an answer to pop up.
    If an answer pops up, ask it the same question. You see, your mind needs to realise that it can't answer this question. The mind, which is located in your left brain hemispere, is linear. Something either exists, or it doesn't. If it exists, it has to have size, form, shape.
    Mind even tries to trick itself into making a concept out of things it can't explain.

    An example: I have a hole in my sock.

    What is a hole ?

    What is the weight, size, shape of the hole ? What is it's colour ?
    At best, a hole can be described as "Nothing with something around it". It is a concept so that your mind can lable it, file it. A broken sock, filed under the H for hole.

    How about this second example: Space

    Lovely name. What is space ? What is the size, shape, colour, weight ? The image you see in your mind of space, is it accurate ? Who is observing that image ?

    Example nr. 3 :

    " I ", also known as "me", "Myself", or in Tolle's words "ego".

    See where I am going ?

    If you keep asking the question, in the end there will be no answer possible anymore. All concepts about yourself.. you have proven to yourself that it was just concepts. All the things you thought about yourself were just concepts. Just like the "hole" or "space".

    If I were to say to you:
    "from your answer I can see that you are a really dishonest person"

    You would feel attacked. Why ?
    Because your mind tells you otherwise. "I am in fact a really honest person, just the other day I told the shopkeeper that the change wasn't right, bla bla bla"

    But that thought, that you are a really honest person... Is that who you are ?
    Are you constantly that honest person ? Doing honesty all the time ? Is that always on your mind ? How about when you are working, or sleeping, are you still constantly being honest ? You don't have to. Because you are also not being dishonest all the time. You just "are" all the time. Be-ing.
    Honest, dishonest, they are just concepts. That is all. You don't have to judge the concepts. Just ask yourself the question: Who is thinking this concept ? For who am I thinking this ? for me. Who am I ?

    Hopefully you will try this.
    Realising that you are not your thoughts is the last step. When you know this, you will shift your attention subtilly towards the one thing that you can't see. The see-er itself. Just like a knive can cut everything except itself, a camera can't make a picture of itself, an eye can see everything except itself, the essence of you, the soul if you will, can't see itself. It can only observe everyting that happens around it. It is the only thing that can't be discarded of, because you exist ! How can you not exist ?
    That is the real You. It is shapeless. Weightless. Colourless. Timeless. It has always existed, and always will. It is the only mistery that even the highest enlightened being can't describe or understand.

    And the only time that it can see, experience, is Now.
    When else ? Can you experience things yesterday ? Tomorrow ? One minute from now ? These are also concepts ! They do not exist !

    Of course they are usefull in the everyday world. How else would I know that tomorrow night, I have an appointment with the hairdresser.
    But why would that have to bother me Now ?

    It is surprisingly easy. Doing this excercise is all it takes.
    When you have realised this, really felt it, not just intellectually like when you are reading this, but when you have experienced it yourself...
    That is the last action, the last step you can take. The search is over, you have found your Self.

    Now stay there.

    I have no idea why Tolle had to write 2 books about this, it really is just this. That is all. I am That.
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