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QUESTION: Pollyanna, Edwin, GilesC: Meditation & Visualization/Creation

Discussion in 'Mind, Body & Spirit' started by gone-shootin, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. gone-shootin

    gone-shootin Member

    Nov 8, 2010
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    Thanks so much for all of your posts. I'm a long time reader of this site over the past 3 years, but haven't posted much.

    I tend to give first, but here, have been stumped with what I have to offer. So, I've mainly been reading.

    But, if nothing else, I can give a big thanks and sincere gratitude to each of you for your time, thoughts and posts. Know that you've had an impact thousands of miles away on a regular guy from Seattle, Wash., USA. So, thank you.

    I've been "meditating", with intent, for exactly 2 years. I've done a lot of work with Joe Dispenza, who was in "What the bleep do we know?". I think I've been to 10 or so of his retreats/workshops.

    Joe's "meditations" are a combination of:
    (1) breathing with intent to move energy from survival to creation by pulling up from belly through head;
    (2) visualizing/sensing your body/body parts in space to gain a sense of calm;
    (3) silence/nothing-ness where you just be;
    (4) once you're completley calm and open, you enter/are in the 'quantum' (the now) where infinite/all possibilities exist. Here, you simply pick one or more possibilities and experience them (through visualization, feeling, whatever works for you) as if they already exist.
    (5) let/go release, and have a 'knowingness' that they're already yours;
    (6) giving sincere gratitude and appreciation for already having whatever your imagined;
    (7) live your day in this heightened state, being the highest ideal of yourself.
    I don't know what others call this, but to me, I call this 'active' meditation/creation.

    So, what I've been doing is this:

    (1) 15 minutes or so of just quiet/nothing-ness with Lifeflow;
    (2) 10-15 minutes of "creation"/visualization;
    (3) 10 minutes or so of gratitude for already having what I desire and giving thanks for what I have.

    But, this routine even feels scripted and too 'active'/forced.

    Thanks for 'listening' to all this background.

    1. How do you, during your day/week, practice: (1) meditation, (2) visualization/creation?
    2. Are these sessions simultaneous, consecutive or separate?
    3. How often and for how long?
    4. Pollyanna, I read MANY, MANY of your posts where you talk about meditation with Lifeflow, then visualization with Creative Flow, and a lot of mention about Think & Grow. WHAT DOES YOUR DAY/WEEK look like in terms of your routine and time spent?
    5. Have you guys tried the audio visual entrainment products like David Siever's "DAVID" devices? If yes, your thoughts?

    Thanks so much for your posts already. I'd appreciate, greatly, any thoughts you have.

    All the best,

  2. GilesC

    GilesC Member

    Jan 4, 2009
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    Hi Tommy,

    Glad you've got so much from reading the forums... :)

    Ok, I'll try keep my answers short (difficult for me but I'll try... hehe)

    a) Morning meditation (mantra based) before work including playing lifeflow for 40 minutes
    b) Evening meditation (mantra based) for 20 minutes
    c) visualisation/creation whenever the need arises... just from being aware of what is needed. (need, not greed ;) )

    2. Seperate.... being aware and meeting the needs of the moment means I put my awareness on what is needed right now and meeting that need... so if the need changes then so does what I'm doing... so you could say it's simultaneous in some circumstances, but that's a matter of perception... I'm only ever doing one thing in the present moment.

    3. Answered in 1 I think.

    4. n/a

    5. No, never tried them... never felt a need to try them.


  3. pollyanna

    pollyanna Moderator

    Dec 11, 2007
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    Hi Tommy,

    it's so cool that technology allows us all to reach out and help each other. Makes the world almost like a village :)

    In a nutshell, life happenings occur just as they always have and always will. Because of incorporating the habit of playing entrainment when I am working, meditating, etc. I no longer become overwhelmed with stuff and am able to prioritise what I need to deal with at any given time.

    In general, I always make time to "enter into the quiet" at some point everyday. This is essential to me and because I have become proficient at doing this with the aid of LifeFlow, I can enter this state when I choose, with or without LF. In general, I enter this state for 40 or 60 minutes each day, usually mid-afternoon while playing one of the LifeFlow levels or the gamma tracks.

    On Sunday evening, I received a call because my daughter-in-law had to be rushed to the hospital (about a month earlier than planned) and I needed to go to to their home immediately to look after her son. I was in my car within a minute (more importantly, calm) and was on my way to their home.

    Before learning to meditate, my thoughts would have overwhelmed me because I understood there could be serious complications for mother and baby. This is just one example when being able to act calmly and quickly is a blessing in itself.

    It takes about 25 minutes to reach their home by car and 91 minutes from receiving the call a beautiful baby boy was delivered by an emergency Cesarian section. I postponed an important business meeting yesterday to visit two doting parents and my adorable little grandson :)

    I came home and cycled down the lanes with my amazing dog (as I do each day) enjoying every moment, aware of the amazing beauty of nature all around.

    Whenever thoughts try to take over (and they do try) I realise this is my sub-conscious trying to protect me even though it is often mistaken and I think of the many things in my life that I am truly greatful for.

    I am in control now. I manage my thoughts now. I prioritise where and when to place my attention. Dealing with one thing at a time in the present moment is empowering and invaluable.

    I am currently practising something similar to visualisation while playing Nirvana and when I have some results will post about them.

    This afternoon I will attend an important business meeting before I go to see my new little grandson again. Seems a lifetime ago when I would not have been able to keep these two events separate. Today, I know my focus will be on one event at a time and this is priceless. This is what meditation and LifeFlow has done for me. The habit of feeling greatful each and everyday? It's the icing on the cake, with a cherry on top :)

    Hope this helps and wish you an abundance of peace and joy :) :) :)
  4. stormdw

    stormdw Member

    Nov 2, 2012
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    It shouldn't be as difficult as we are making it out to be. I was also real persistent with finding out routines that others were using. I recently subscribed to someone's Youtube channel and really love the information that I have found there. It really resonates with me. I have just joined this forum and have not read the rules yet, so I am not sure if I can post a link to this person's videos or not. I have not found anything in the videos that she is selling... they are all free.

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