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    Hello everyone!

    I just purchased the LF program and I'm very excited to start using it! I have read all the instructional materials, and a bunch of the most popular threads in this forum, they are super helpful! Still, I have some questions regarding some details about the optimal way to do this program (if any). I can tell they put a lot of focus in selling this program as a super flexible thing, but a little more instruction would be nice for a beginner. To me, structure is appealing in a program like this.

    Is it better to listen to LF in the morning or in the evening- does it even matter?
    Is the program designed to be done daily for the full 40 minutes for some reason, or is that just a random number? Is it recommended for daily use?
    If I meditate with LF once a day, is it OK to add a second meditation later in the day without LF?
    If I'm just starting LF10, could I still listen to the Creative Flow and all the other bonus CDs even if I'm not on their level?

    Any insight would be appreciated!
    I wish this forum was as active now as it seems to have been a few years ago. Did this company give up on this product? I see even the owner hasn't logged on for YEARS.


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