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Practical spirituality

Discussion in 'Mind, Body & Spirit' started by Mati, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Mati

    Mati Member

    Sep 7, 2012
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    I would like to share and enquire about Practical Spirituality.

    What is practical spirituality?
    It is the journey one does in life to attain freedom through our mind and bodies.
    We are already Pure awareness, spirit or God. The thing is that we are ALSO in a physical plane, we have a body, mind and emotions.

    In the spiritual scene, i see a community that is fastly increasing in the recognition of primordial awareness, of the pure untouched observer, the I am.
    I also see that, most of the times, everything can be resolved into asking WHO is having the experience. So when you find that there is nobody there, then the problem is solved, because "no one" has a problem. And that is TRUE...in one aspect.
    But that aspect might not bring change into the way we live our life. The way we have families, or we educate our children, the way we get our food, the habits we have.

    I´m not denying the fact that we are "THAT" (pure awareness), but i would also like to enquire deeper into the practical aspects of our life.
    What is our life? How do we live our life? Are we doing something to leave a "better place" for our future generations?
    Do we enquire why do we go to jobs every day? Of course, we need to eat and have a shelter. But then, is it only for that? Do we need 40 ours a week just to pay our food and shelter?
    Is it ok to work for 11 months a year and take one month to rest and enjoy?
    Do we enquire who is our family? Who are we open to? Are we open to the neighbour next door, to the person next to you on the bus?
    Do we enquire about what foods we need to sustain ourselves? What is the nature of eating and how much time is spent on that?
    No matter who you are, everyone is normally awake (not sleeping) 16 hours of the day on average.
    During those hours, what words, thoughts and actions do we have?
    Because, the result of those will be the result of where this planet is going.
    So even is we recognise our true nature as ONENESS but we still live like our family is just our partner, parents and children and no one outside from our house, then, i think there is still a lot for us to expand in a practical way.

    If we radically look, if we have the courage to see how we live...we might want to be part of creating a new world.

    Much love
  2. olmate

    olmate Member

    Jan 13, 2010
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    Is it creating something new or rediscovering what has always been?

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