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New To Meditation? A Log of The Early Days!!!!

Discussion in 'Meditation Chatter Box' started by Peaceful Warrior, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. Larry Gessner

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    Dec 28, 2007
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    Before I started using Life Flow, I looked at what Michael had to say about the benefits of Life Flow. I learned about how I could reduce the amount of stress that I had. I learned about entrainment I was amused when I looked at the Ballerina and how she would be moving to the right if I was using the right side of my brain. She was moving to the right or clockwise. I could not understand how this was going to change. But now after using this system I can look at it and it rotates counter-clockwise. I had my son (25) look at it and he sees it rotate clock-wise. Funny how the mind works.

    I started to meditate. I had previously been using a relaxation method and this fell right into place with what the instructions were saying. Soon I was experiencing the same effects that are being described above. The strange sensation in the left hemisphere, the sensation of crossing the eyes but it was not a bad thing. I viewed this as my mind trying to focus and soon the flickering and then the images of light began to appear. Sometimes as just a mild flash, sometimes it lasted a few moments. I know that when I get to deeper levels it will become more intense. I think for me understanding that being totally relaxed is a key to the foundation of all of this. One of the tool that I use is to work on my entire body telling myself to include even the joints and tissues and even the cells as I relax. I have found by doing this that as I relax, the consciousness of my existence changes. I feel as if my body has no weight. Everything is now in my mind. I focus entirely on the front of the inside of my head and it stays there. When I am done I notice that I am now conscious of my body and the feeling returns.

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