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My sense-altering seizure

Discussion in 'Mind, Body & Spirit' started by Kauil, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Kauil

    Kauil Member

    Hello everyone!

    A little background information:

    For as long as I can remember, I've had these, well, seizures. Sometimes when I'm drawing intensely, or having philosophical debate, a weird thing happens to my senses. The first symptom, if you will, is that my vision zooms out, in that everything looks really ridiculously small. My hand looks like it's a only a few millimeters long, and a 1.5 liter soda bottle about 1-2 centimeters in lenght. My sense of scale (especially with flat images) also greatly diminishes due to this.

    Sometimes with this impairing of vision there's an impairing of the sense of touch. With the inside of my mouth, and my fingers (this is pronounced when I'm typing on a keyboard) I sense a feeling of pointyness/sharpness and a softness/numbness at the same time!

    The previous 'symptoms' aren't really negative, just weird, mostly. What sometimes follows, however, isn't as comfortable.

    The third stage of this is that my brain appears to overload, and everything I do happens in fast forward (like it was happening 100 times within the same time span) and there's this chaos of experiences in my head. It's like a sensory overload, but with the tiniest amount of information that keeps on looping. This usually stops if I stop doing what I'm doing.

    Last night, however was different in that I wasn't doing anything, and my mind kept looping! So I was stuck in looking at the wall with my mouth open, my brain swirling in chaos. It was difficult to start any thought process or form any words, the feeling was very much like a speechless state after witnessing something beautiful.

    I got myself up the chair and went to the kitchen to make some sandwiches but my mind kept spinning and it was really uncomfortable. I felt like I was going nuts.

    Even after all the symptoms had gone away, I felt changed inside, like I was slightly drunk, or in some altered state of consciousness. Before all of this happened, I was at a party, but didn't consume any alcohol, only a few energy drinks.

    Alsooo... when I came home and sat in front of my computer, but before the previously mentioned happened, I had feeling of being watched, like there was a face right in front of my face, looking at me. As if a presence was in the room with me. As I closed my eyes and breathed consciously a few times, I felt peaceful inside. This presence, however, subsided as the sense impairment started pouring in.

    Can anyone relate to any of this? I've talked about this to a lot of people and no-one I've ever met has had anything like this happen to them. :confused:
  2. Panthau

    Panthau Member


    Hard to say.. I can slightly relate to it, as i had this feeling of speed you described, when i was young and had massive fever. What you describe, sounds a bit like the alice-in-wonderland-syndrome. This is associated with migraine, brain tumor and the likes. Because you´re having this symptoms since youre young, i wouldnt guess a tumor.

    I suggest you visit a neurological doctor for this. Maybe he can tell you more.
  3. Kauil

    Kauil Member

    Never heard of that one before. Interesting. There appears to be some correlation, but I never have migraines... there has been some mild distortions of body image, but they're more related to the location of the body in space (mostly my hands), rather than size or shape.

    Thanks for suggesting this. If it keeps getting worse I will go see a doctor, but for now I hope I don't have to.
  4. Panthau

    Panthau Member

    Migraines can happen without headache too. The brain is just a machine, to interpret the world for our consciousness, and if its malfunctioning in some way, we can unintentionally slip out of the "normal" perception.

    Its only a problem, if its a problem :)
  5. Kauil

    Kauil Member

    OH! One more thing that just popped into my mind from yesterday.

    As I was in the kitchen, making sandwiches, I had an amazing experience. Even though I was in control of my actions, it felt like I was watching, or rather feeling or sensing myself act. Perhaps you could say I was an awareness, witnessing my body grabbing a plate, buttering the bread, etc. I really felt separate of my body, of my actions, but still in control. I remember saying "Wow!" out loud. It was really an intense feeling.

    I'm not sure but somehow I feel it had something to do with the presence I felt was watching me before the migraine-thingy.
  6. Kauil

    Kauil Member

    I was just watching a Mooji video on youtube, and started experiencing the second phase of the migraine (altered sense of touch) without going through the first phase (altered sense of vision). This has NEVER happened before. It's always happened in a strict order.

    I wonder if this thing is morphing itself. I'm keen to know what's happening here, but I guess time will tell. :)
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2010
  7. Panthau

    Panthau Member

    LOL sounds scary somehow :D

    Still i´d suggest to visit a neurological doctor, just to be sure. If physically is everything in shape, then id experiment around with it :)
  8. ChilliPeppa

    ChilliPeppa Banned

    You've had some good advice here. It does sound very much like a type of migraine imo. Migraines are not just 'headaches' but can effect all the senses even without any pain. Best to have it checked out. However, some of the subjective feelings also sound very much like what I experienced many years ago during a 'premature' Kundalini awakening. VERY disorienting, and my emotions had a big part to play in it. But please follow Panthau's suggestion and see a qualified MD regarding this.
  9. Karmoh

    Karmoh Member

    I'll second the migraine theory. Awhile back (10years) I suffered with painless migraines; the first one was quite a shock to the system I remember it vividly. I was working away when suddenly everything around me began to visually vibrate and every object had a shimmering multi-coloured light similar to an aura. I thought I was having a seizure or I had a brain hemorrhage. When everything began to calm down about an hour later I had these very sharp lights similar to C shaped lightening in front of my eyes. I was later told this lightening effect is a classic migraine symptom and is the precursor to the headache. Never got the headache and the full scenario never repeated. I occasionally got the C shaped lightening after stressful days but never headaches.
    Haven't had anything since starting meditating 5yrs + ago.

    Peace :)
  10. Panthau

    Panthau Member

    I have these "aura migraines" too, every few years. They can be frightening if someone does not know whats happening!
  11. Itlandm

    Itlandm Member

    I have to agree that this sounds neurological. The one strange part is the very situational nature of the "seizures".

    My own migraines only happen if I read in direct sunshine or very strong daylight (the latter especially if I read white letters on dark background). But it does not depend on the topic I read, to the best of my knowledge. But my guess would be that you don't have many interests where you use that much of the brain as you do when debating philosophy, or concentrate that deeply, and that if you did, you would likely find the same thing happening.
  12. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    I remembered having read something about one of the symptoms you described, because my wife once told me that she suffered the same as a child.

    I am talking about the sensation as if everything is really far away, or small.

    For now, my memory has left me in the dark, so I started Googling and found this little piece of text:

    " Metamorphopsia is the distortion of visual images in their size, shape, and color. This has been termed the "Alice in Wonderland Syndrome," and is named after the events described in Lewis Carroll's book Through the Looking Glass "

    It turns out that the writer of Alice in Wonderland suffered the same condition, and was inspired to write the book because of that very sensation ( remember the cake's, mushrooms and drinks that made Alice grow and shrink ? ).

    So, even tho it is less commonly known, it is a "normal" or harmless condition according to this layman ;) But please consult your doctor about this as well.
  13. Kauil

    Kauil Member

    Thank you for the insight. Very cool that the writer of Alice in Wonderland got insipired by it :D

    I'm currently going through physiotherapy for my ankle, maybe my brain is next in line, who knows. :p

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