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My own meditation

Discussion in 'Mind, Body & Spirit' started by MediCheese, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. MediCheese

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    Dec 10, 2011
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    Hola Chicos!

    I have started getting really into my meditation over the past couple of months. I try to practice for at least an hour every day. I honestly find it so enjoyable and the positive effects are extremely clear.

    Just as a side note, I have been suffering from anxiety and in particular recurring intrusive thoughts. I do not think this is particularly important as I feel as though I am certainly on the path of recovery, though I thought you should be aware that there I am motivated by my desire to rid myself of anxiety as well as to gain greater mental and physical wellbeing (not sure if those two thing are different!).

    Anyway, I initially started off practicing Dru meditation and I have now moved into mindfulness. I have tried to combine the two things and I was wondering if I could run the practice by you guys and see if I can garner an opinion on the likely efficacy of continuing this specific practice. I will give you a quick run through just to see what you think:

    To start the meditation I do an energy block release to visualise the entire body and also relax into my posture and breathing. Once I have settled I picture the breath entering and leaving my forehead. I try to picture the cool air as reaching the very centre of my mind before it is gently blown back out into the world. This gives me a feeling of 'airing out the mind'.

    Once I have done this for a while, I begin to create a brilliant, clear light originating at the centre of my forehead. This light then spreads from my forehead throughout my brain/mind and into the rest of my body (though with a focus of it in the mind).

    I will focus on the light for a while - visualising it as perfect clarity. I like to think of the boundary between visualisation and mindfulness as being slightly blurry here as I like to think of the light as being something that is always there but I am only just noticing it.

    Once I have secured the light at the centre of my awareness, I like to turn myself outwards and begin to notice the world around me. I let thoughts and experiences come into my awareness but I let them dissipate in the brilliant white light at the centre of my awareness. I do not judge the thoughts as with classic mindfulness, but I do not allow them to exist at the centre of this light.

    Essentially I am looking to see what people think? I try to practice mindfulness in my everyday actions, and, whilst I feel as though this practice is essentially drawing on mindfulness, it also harnesses the visualisations of Dru that can really contribute to my sense of clarity. As for the intrusive thoughts it seems that it may allow me to distinguish between my inner self and the thoughts and pangs of anxiety that my limbic brain keep throwing at me. One thing is for certain, I feel a sense of enormous wellbeing and control over my mental state for a good few hours after I have finished the practice and I also feel A LOT better the rest of the time as well (though I have not really been doing this specific practice for very long).

    Essay over.
    Hasta luego, hermanos! x
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