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Mind Games

Discussion in 'Thought For Today' started by olmate, May 26, 2012.

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    Jan 13, 2010
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    When I began to meditate, the ego was immediately reactive.

    It regrouped its threatened forces and proposed the questions, “Are you wasting time at this? What progress are you making? Where are you getting? You don't really have time for this do you?”

    As I have a rather stubborn sort of nature and continued to meditate in spite of taunts like these, my ego tried another tack. It said, “You are doing tremendously well, you are going to be a saint, you are a born mystic.” . . . And so the ego began to manufacture for me the image of a truly spiritual man.

    Before long that image is fractured and I am back where I started.

    There are countless ways the ego will try to discourage you, to stop you meditating, because the ego knows right from the beginning that if you meditate, if you do go beyond all image to reality, then the ego. . .will be dethroned. It will lose power.

    So why should we meditate? I think all of us answer that question eventually in this way: at various times in our lives, all of us have wanted to be committed to truth, to be committed to God (whatever that means for you). Meditation answers that need.

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