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Meditation and annoying people

Discussion in 'Meditation Chatter Box' started by PookDo, May 24, 2013.

  1. PookDo

    PookDo Member

    Is there any chance that meditation with Lifeflow will help me better in tolerating people that annoy me? Weird question I know but I work in a job (customer service) where I listen to people compalin most of if not all day and there are times where even the habits of my fellow employees gets to me. Changing jobs at this time is not an option
  2. Panthau

    Panthau Member

    Its your thoughts that create annoying feelings, not the people. So will meditation help you with that? Probably yes, if you learn through it to differ between feelings, thoughts and "you". If you learn to recognize negative thought patterns, you learn to control your feelings... but thats not an overnight task. It takes time and patience, but its well worth it imho.
  3. PookDo

    PookDo Member

    Panthau: I got to thinking about it and I kind of realized a lot of my frustration often comes from envy. I work hard often doing lots of overtime at my job and I very often struggle financially to make ends meet to take care of myself and my disabled wife.

    I see and hear about people I work with and customers I talk to go on about how thet can do things or go places when very often my options are limited. I want to be grateful for what I have and be ok with it instead of at almost 45 years old still comparing myself to other people. Does that make sense?
  4. Panthau

    Panthau Member

    Yup. Would be a perfect goal to learn to live in the now, and let go of any negative thought patterns. LF can certainly help you with that, id say.

    Another method you could consider is, visualising the things you want, instead of directing your focous on the things you believe you cant have or the things others have.

    Both will probably bring a lot of freedom into your life...
  5. about visualizing what you want

    Be careful with visualizing what you want. What does visualizing what you want really entail? Does it not mean encouraging yourself to think thoughts about what you want, what you need, what will make you happy? I am sure here we all understand how thought creates more problems than it solves so encouraging ourselves to think is never a great idea............it seems the question here is how does PookDo stop being envious. The way to stop all these conditioned processes which we have come to live with, and having envy is one, is to be aware of it. You are asking the questions so at a basic level you are aware. Great. So now I would say whenever you have a thought which will lead you to feel envious to be aware that the thought is just a thought. For example, I start to tell you that I just went on a trip to Europe for a month and it was just so wonderful. In your mind arises thoughts like, he is so lucky, I am so unlucky, why cant I go to Europe, this guy is a jerk for making me feel bad. When you have these thoughts if you are aware that they are simply thoughts and not truths -because thoughts are not actually truths, even though they may seem to be- the power of them fades away. Keep being aware as the thoughts come, and they come constantly while you are work I would assume, and eventually you will realize how silly the whole process is. But you cant will that realization into place, you can only be aware of your thoughts, which makes them lose power, which makes the realization eventually spring up from inside of you. Maybe, hopefully, this helps.

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