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LSD and the Enlightened State of Mind

Discussion in 'Meditation Chatter Box' started by MetaCognition, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. MetaCognition

    MetaCognition Member

    For my entire life, it seems I have been after the "truth" of existence. For many years, this resulted in me being an introvert, analyzing my thoughts and the actions of those around me in an intense fashion. Most of my life this was an innocent quest, causing me to ask questions but also live life (albeit a bit robotically). However, a few years ago I started experimenting with drugs, notably marijuana, DMT, and LSD, but also dangerous drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine. Before you start picturing me as a homeless addict, I assure you my quest was purely to understand consciousness itself in all of its different forms.

    I do not use drugs on a regular basis. Occasionally I will smoke marijuana, and very rarely I will have an LSD trip (but my last one was nearly a year ago). In the past few weeks, I have been meditating two times a day, every day, and I have to say the meditative state I've encountered is nearly identical to the frame of mind I endured under the influence of LSD.

    I used to be an "atheist," vehemently against anything metaphysical or spiritual. My experiences with LSD and DMT showed me how foolish I was being, and catapulted me into recognizing the interconnectedness of existence and the beauty of everyday experience. Of course, as soon as the drugs wore off, things would get cloudy again, but in those few hours I no doubt was able to feel the effects of "enlightenment."

    Each day that I meditate, I feel this LSD state becoming the norm. At the same time, many of the problems I see beginners dealing with seem to be a non-issue with me, since I have already "seen" the state of pure unity. I "know" it to be the ultimate truth, and I am amazed to see meditation truly helping me KNOW it to be true.

    So my purpose for posting this is to find out if any posters on this site can relate to this experience. Within seconds of entering my meditation, I feel like I am catapulted into another realm of consciousness entirely where only peace and understanding dwell. Time ceases to exist and the conceptual-self made by the ego no longer makes sense (in a good way). I have constantly been "living in my head" for my entire life, minus my previous psychedelic experiences and now, my meditation sessions. I feel like truth is on the horizon.

    Does anyone else have experience with LSD or other psychedelics that have catapulted them into this mindset when meditating? I feel like as a beginner, I have skipped many steps that others seem to struggle with and I do not want to let my ego grab hold of me and say "you are so unique and special" because of it. I do not want to let my self persuade my true Self.

    Also, this is my first post on this board after reading many of the threads over the past few days. I'd like to specifically thank the poster "Edwin" for many of his posts, especially something I read about picturing thoughts as clouds. That has no doubt been one of the most influential concepts in my meditative process so far.
  2. emmanuel_pil

    emmanuel_pil Member

    Perhaps a bit dangerous to say that the state you encounter using drugs is nearly identical to the frame of mind endured under the influence of LSD. This can be an incentive for others to try to shorten the path, as those taking drugs to gain muscle mass at academies to have your physical body into a desired shape.
    It is is too dangerous. I was, or better to say I am an alcoholic, although I do not drink alcohol for the past thirty years now. I past each stage of alcoholism, and I can say tat I know what is suffering. Maybe not all are affected by drugs, some are maybe more resistant, but I was not, and I recommend meditation sober, even if the result take much longer.
    Cheers, Emmanuel
  3. visionstream

    visionstream Member

    Whats up Meta?
    I literally just registered on this site and your post was the second that I read.
    I have recently been experimenting with psychedelics. I was introduced to altered states of mind by cannabis. I would listen to music, close my eyes and see a tunnel begin to form in which I would get sucked into. Once at the bottom of the tunnel (only a few seconds later) I would be presented with mental images of very abstract beings doing strange things to the rhythm of the music. Kind of like a visualizer on a media player like Windows Media Player or iTunes, but with a forever randomized image being produced to follow the EQ of the music.
    This intrigued me. After about 6 months of cannabis use I tried "magic" mushrooms.
    The first 2 times was a purely blissful high with beautiful colors that changed my view on the external world (earth). This was achieved with 2 grams of shrooms.
    My third trip changed my life and perspective on everything, and ultimately led me to meditation and thus, this forum.
    I did 3.2 grams of high quality mushrooms and was propelled into a much higher consciousness. I was shown just how much I don't know and I felt part of something much bigger than just the material world and the universe that science explains. I have made theories to myself that because we are all one, even plants, that naturally occurring psychedelic chemicals in plants are simply a higher form of communication, a map if you will, into the vastness of the unknown and infinite possibilities.
    After this I started researching meditation. My first meditation experience was by far the most profound. I feel as if my third eye must have been active during this one as there were astral shifts. I felt as if I was floating and spinning around in a slow, controlled fashion. I should note that I was under the influence of cannabis during this, but it was a much more magical experience than the visions I received listening to music alone.
    I do feel that my experiences with psychedelics have helped me get into the groove of the meditative mindset much easier than other beginners, though I do struggle at times.
  4. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    :) credit to those who deserve it: the cloud analogy comes from the free meditation course made by Michael Mackenzie, the founder of this site !
  5. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    Well said Emmanuel !

    I couldn't agree more.
    I wouldn't recommend anyone to try drugs, for whatever reason. I have seen friends die because of them.
    Also, don't expect to experience mindstates similar to drugs when you do meditation. It won't work that way !

    I would recommend people to drop drugs and start meditation any day tho :D
  6. MetaCognition

    MetaCognition Member

    While I agree that thinking that doing drugs will lead to any sort of permanent enlightenment is a complete fallacy, to completely write off psychedelics as a waste of time is in my opinion a mistake. Throughout existence mankind has used psychedelics to shatter conceptions of reality and connect with the true self. I know that if it was not for my experience with psychedelics, I would not be on this forum right now posting this and I would not be the happy soul that I currently am!

    To lump all drugs together is just not fair. As I said, I did experiment with drugs that truly are despicable as I once fell into the trap of thinking "it's all the same, right?" The truth is, they are not all the same, not even close.

    Alcohol for instance, is a terrible, terrible drug. It numbs the mind and is physically addictive, leading to death and addiction. For a few hours, you are regressed into a state of consciousness that blurs reality and takes away from every aspect of the beauty of life.

    LSD/Mushrooms/DMT are not alcohol. They propel the mind into direct connection with the true self as they minimize (or completely eliminate in the case of DMT) the ego/ self-image. It is through those experiences that I know in my deepest being that the ego is a complete illusion, and it is those experiences that keep me going in times where I might wonder if I am just kidding myself.

    One might be quick to judge and say that is not "true" but each one of us has their initial awakening, and mine came through psychedelic drug use and I truly do not know if I ever would have begun my spiritual quest without them as I identified strongly as being a "non-believer" in anything beyond immediate perception. I was quickly shown how foolish I was, and after that began a journey that I am still on today!

    To sum up, I am NOT advocating drug use, nor was I ever. I simply just wanted to see if anyone else on this forum had experience with them as my experiences with them correlate directly to every single thing that is discussed on this board. The mental realm I enter when meditating is extremely similar to the state that these drugs trigger which I believe is something that is interesting at the very least and potentially amazing if truly realized. If only those damn hippies didn't ruin everyone's conceptions of "drugs" for Western Society!:cool:

    And of course, consistent meditation is the only way to actually bring the experience of these drugs into every day life, but that does not necessarily negate the experience itself :D
  7. visionstream

    visionstream Member

    Well said meta! I concur.
  8. Edwin

    Edwin Member

    I agree that drugs can bring about moments of insight that can change your world. There are numerous cases that illustrate just that in history.
    Take for instance Gaudi, the well known artist from spain who used to trip on a mixture of mushroom and absinth. He made some increadible buildings/artwork.

    I think we can all agree that meditation is just a bit safer method ;)
  9. Hazelkay

    Hazelkay Member

    don't risk it

    Having a son who cannot work and is still suffering the effects of having indulged in LSD and mushrooms 20 years after the initial traumas, I would urge caution to all those who may think they can get a head start in meditation by indulging.

    It is a gamble that may pay off but can have serious, life threatening consequences or result in a life of continual misery.
  10. MetaCognition

    MetaCognition Member

    I definitely concur Edwin/Hazelkay.

    While I personally benefited greatly from these experiences, one of my friends ended up having a slow breakdown, failed out of school, and now is living at his parents house apparently attending a local college. Unfortunately, what happens when things "go bad" is that they realize the ego is just an illusion, and conclude that life is either meaningless or that "they" don't exist. It's quite a bizarre thing to witness, and unfortunately he hasn't returned any calls/texts to him for over a year! (minus the one time he sent me a text on my birthday, which was quite surprising)

    Meditation>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (to infinity) than drug use. Meditation does things in a gradual way, and therefore there is rarely a complete shock to the entire perceptive world, whereas drugs immediately bring you into that space, and most cannot handle this. Luckily I always wanted to know "the truth" so for me it just pushed me in the right direction.
  11. I used to use a lot of lsd, mushrooms, and marijuana. Yesterday when I first started with the meditation I had been up all night the previous evening so I was sleep deprived. It hit me like a massive bad lsd trip. But one that you learn from. I was very impressed. It was just what I needed too. A shock to my system. Lately I have been slipping into narcotic drug addiction to treat chronic and migraine pain. This made me feel like I didn't need it anymore. I remember lsd having the same effect. It is sometimes used to treat alcoholism and narcotic addiction. It's like it brings your priorities into focus and strengthens your resolve to fight the addiction. I am very pleased with my audible lsd. :D
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2011
  12. Physis

    Physis New Member

    Wonderfully said! I couldn't of worded it better myself. Psychedelics have been used by humans for tens of thousands of years. In fact our most ancient human ancestors in Africa used psychedelics to aid hunting due to their unique stimulative effects, and in theory, psychedelics have birthed language, as well as the first manifestations of creativity and art.

    Art was actually originally intended to illustrate the Shamanic experience, which was revolved around the psychedelic experience. The experience itself was so profound that it could not be expressed through something as linear as language, so it was expressed through art.

    In my opinion, there is no 'correct' method of experience, whether it be psychedelics or meditation. It's as simple as this, one method will send you directly there, as where the other will gradually send you there. All it is, is a different method. Personally, I've used cannabis for my meditations and it has worked wonders, and I've also used it to help spark creative thought during writers block (I'm a pianist/composer). I am also a medical user of cannabis, but that's beside the point. I believe "drugs" (if that's what you would like to call them) have their place within the human race, we've evolved with very special receptors in our brains that enables us to experience the effects of certain substances. I'm not condoning the use of anything, everyone has the power to chose for themselves, however what I'm getting at is that they play an important role within the human evolution, so they shouldn't be scoffed at as smoke and mirrors.

    Back on a meditation standpoint, I've actually experienced a spontaneous DMT release during meditation. This experience occurred on a Sunday in 2011 (I forgot the exact day unfortunately). Side note: Prior to this experience, I was very ill.

    Here's my experience:

    "I woke up early in the morning, drank some hot tea, then went off to some meditation. About 10 minutes into the meditation, something hit me. I felt as if something rapidly switched in my awareness, and a very intense shaking/vibration sensation came rushing across my body (it's the same sensation you get when you're taking off in an airplane, ascending thousands of feet into the air, it sort of feels like your skin is bubbling). The sensation was a tad bit uncomfortable, and suddenly my line of vision started to open up into a spiraling and windy geometric tunnel, it was black on white like piano keys, and the designs were similar to that of Anasazi pottery (Google it :)). Something else suddenly switched in my consciousness, and I began to move down the tunnel as if it were sucking in me into oblivion, sort of acting as a black hole. The tunnel shifted itself and it expanded so large that it felt like the edges of it were hundreds of feet from my arms. I'm not to sure what the duration of time was, because the whole perception of time disappeared entirely. As I was steadily moving through the tunnel, a quick thought came to mind.. 'death'. The visuals in this experience were incredibly vivid, more vivid than everyday life honestly, and I wasn't sure where I was headed. All I knew is that I was headed somewhere, but someplace extremely alien to our own. At this point I felt scared and a bit nostalgic, so by a single thought I returned back. As I was returning it felt as if I was squeezing out of a wet diving suit, then a sudden burst of air and I was back laying on my bed looking up at the ceiling." The interesting thing about this is that after this experience, I began to experience boosts of confidence, and my health was returning back to normal, as well as some minor bouts of depression. Everything just got increasingly positive after the experience.

    I've tried to mimic this experience once more to look deeper, however my mind does not let me witness it again.
  13. SunRa

    SunRa New Member

    Metacognition -Can we talk?

    I literally just awoke from a 30 minute meditation that sent me into something I can only relate to an acid trip. I am also somewhat new to meditation and the fact that this just happened is kind of scary? I had no idea that meditation could really induce this feeling. Is this the goal? Is this the awakening? I don't know any one else who has experienced this. I don't even know what that was.

    answers/insight appreciated

  14. pollyanna

    pollyanna Super Moderator

    Hi SunRa and welcome to the community :)

    everyone will have their own unique experience with meditation and expectations (even sub-conscious ones) will play their part. Here is a link to "The Principles of Meditation and Entrainment" that will help enlighten you:-


    This post has helped many, many people. Once you have read through this, please post any questions you may have and I wish you much peace and joy :) :) :)

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