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LOA does work.

Discussion in 'The Law Of Attraction' started by Karmoh, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Karmoh

    Karmoh Member

    I’m not sure where to begin, but LOA does work, I have never really been interested or believed up until now.

    As some of you may know we were hit with a series of earthquakes, which are still happening on a daily basis, close to 8000 since sept 2010. Long story short, I lost 2 houses and a business.

    So 4 months ago I decide that it was time to get out of the rut and try a little cosmic ordering, which I believe is the basis of LOA....correct me if I’m wrong

    I decided not to tell anyone, but after meditation I would spend 15mins creating a new beginning. I visualised a new country, new job, I had always wanted to build a website from scratch, so I threw that in too.

    Nothing happened at first but I stuck with it......
    Then 2 months ago wife came home from work, (she’s an Asia Pacific Manager for IT support) all smiles and sat me down and said, “How would I like to move”, she had been offered a position in her Melbourne office.

    Ok I thought.......interesting.
    Next morning I visualised Melbourne and what it would be like to live and work there.Plus the type of job I would like.

    We arranged to fly to Melbourne for 3 weeks to see if it would work for us and to see if she would like the office.

    2 days before flying out the phone rang, It was my wife’s cousin (she didn’t know her personally) She had been in contact with my wife’s mother about a family death and heard that we were travelling to Melbourne and would we like to house sit at her daughters as she was off to Europe for a month and would be vacating the house the day we arrive, we would have free use of her car and be out in suburbs (real Melbourne) instead of my wife’s companies cheap hotel.

    This is getting even more interesting.

    While there, I was walking through Southbank (Business part of Melbourne) when I heard my name called, It was an old friend an American lady from Chicago, who my wife and I had met on a trip back in 2005, we had lost touch. She was in Melbourne for 2 days on business, I promptly made dinner arrangements.
    As we sat at dinner that night we told her about our woes and how we are looking to relocate. When she said, “I have a position opening in Nov 2011 for an IT Project Manager at her Melbourne office” (she was global PMO director for a company). She said I should apply, but I would have to go through the proper channels.

    Now this is very interesting.

    In 4 short months, My wife has agreed to relocate to Melbourne (new country), we have settled our insurance claims (wealth) and I have been successful through selection and interviews and today I was offered the position (new job) Salaries are higher in Australia and we are now both on 6 figure incomes (wealth). I move to Melbourne late Nov 2011 and my wife will follow in Feb 2012
    Oh yes the website, my dream came true there too.

    How's that........I’m amazed. With some imagination and positive thinking anything is possible

    Peace :)
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2011
  2. olmate

    olmate Member

    Hi Karmoh,

    Isn't there a game where you stand pins up then bowl them over?

    Mate, I am really, really pleased for you and your family. I know (well kind of) just how hard the last while has been.

    With a bit more practice with LOA, you might have landed Brisbane instead of Melbourne - true nirvana!!! hahaha.

  3. pollyanna

    pollyanna Super Moderator

    Hi Karmoh,

    what an amazing turn around you have created :) Absolutely fantastic, I am thrilled for you. Imagination and positive thinking are free tools we can all choose. I love the part where you state that nothing happened for a couple of months but you carried on. Such an essential part of any success. Even meditation. Some have amazing results on day one, however, for some, it may take a few days or even weeks.

    I wish both you and your wife an abundance of peace, joy and success on your exciting journey :) :) :)

    P.S. As Einstein said "Imagination is everything - it's the preview of life's forthcoming attractions"
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2011
  4. GilesC

    GilesC Member

    That's excellent news Karmoh, and just goes to show the power of positive thinking, law of attraction, cosmic ordering or whatever we choose to call it today. :)

    And to top it all, there should be less earthquakes there. ;)


  5. Karmoh

    Karmoh Member

    Thanks Olmate, Wife says Brisbane is to hot, I personally love Brisbane, so you never know ;)

    Thanks Pollyanna, I think without the meditation practice it wouldn't have happened, the stillness seems to open our minds to possibilities that usually pass us by. :)

    Yes Giles, I think I’m going to miss them....in a masochistic sort of way. We are all nervous at the moment as its gone very quiet, with no rumbles in the 2 days. :eek:

    Peace :)
  6. M L K

    M L K Member

    Let me add my congratulations and best wishes for your new chapter in Melbourne. How exciting. I trust you will keep us posted. Best, m
  7. Bryan555

    Bryan555 Member


    Wow! Really a fascinating story, and such wonderful news for you. Now, if you want to be REALLY happy, try focusing on the Philippines next time. Paradise on Earth.

    More seriously, I have recently been doing something similar to your experiment. Mine is not based on LOA, but more on body "consciousness". Not my consciousness of "it". The reverse: my body's own consciousness....of itself, and of "me". In other words, I no longer have a "mechanistic" view of my body; it's now a truly living organism, to me. Every cell is conscious.

    It's not LOA, but it works much as you describe the LOA process. I give out expectations of optimum health, youthfulness, energy...and that's precisely what I receive in reply.

    It's quite amazing. Time now, I think, to try your experiment, too. Have you ever heard that question:

    "What project would you begin today, if you knew for certain that you could not fail?" :)
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2011
  8. dancingSpring

    dancingSpring Member

    @ Karmoh

    Hi :) which book did u learn the loa from ? looking for some usefull reading, thank u in advance for any hints.

    greetings from Germany
  9. GilesC

    GilesC Member

    Hi DancingSpring and welcome to the Project Meditation community

    An oldie but a goodie...


    This version has the original text from the early 1900's and a revised text in more modern day language. It doesn't just talk about the LOA but, as it was originally designed, it's a series of week by week practical exercises to build up on the principles. This book is supposed to be the one that was referred to in the film/book "The Secret" as the book that was found to contain this wonderful lost secret. Well, it's no secret and it's gone by many names over time, it's just that "the secret" put it into mainstream media more than others.


  10. dancingSpring

    dancingSpring Member


    Thanks alot for the hint :) in fact I was looking for a book with exercises, so it seems to be the perfect reading for my purposes :)

  11. Mr Monkey

    Mr Monkey Member

    Hi Karmoh,

    Thanks for sharing that, it’s always nice to hear good things happening to decent people. I had a go at this type of thing a while ago but to no avail. I’m going to be giving it another spin this year and would welcome a bit of feedback on your experience.

    When you were visualising would you use distinct images (the same each time) or just generally the same type of thing? Also I find that if I try to focus on something my mind can start playing about and throwing in silly things into the visualisation, did this type of thing happen to you?

    Also I'd be interested to hear if you've used it since and if so what results you've had.

    Cheers :)
  12. Karmoh

    Karmoh Member

    Hi Paul,

    First thing it was very general. I imagined 4 blank gardens representing the aspects of my life I needed to change, each day I added something to each for growth. Basically the visualization was watching the gardens flourish. As this was a relaxing end to the meditation I would also add gratitude for allowing my gardens to to grow.

    Now, when something happened (noticed an opportunity) I would spend 5 mins before sleep and thank the Cosmos for allowing me to see it. As each opportunity developed I would close the gate on that particular garden and allow nature to flourish and drop it from the end of my meditation.

    Each night I would still give gratitude...

    Now when things got to the stage of satisfaction I no longer gave gratitude directly but rather in general terms as that seemed right.

    To be honest I made it up as I went along and did what felt right....when the time is right I will start a new garden or two and see what happens.

    Peace :)
  13. Mr Monkey

    Mr Monkey Member

    Hi Karmoh,

    Interesting you mention you went with your intuition rather than following any specific method, sometimes I can get a bit hung up on getting things exactly right if I use instructions. I'll be looking into this more but you've certainly got me thinking that maybe I should trust my intuition a bit more.

  14. River_Sol

    River_Sol Member

    Wow! Very inspiring post, I'm going to experiment with the same thing myself.
    Thanks for the information :)
  15. LOA does work

    I have a theory on how and why LOA works and why it works for people who do meditate and why very little results is seen in those People who don't meditate.
    They say with meditation it focus's your senses and perception into the present moment (BIG FACTOR IN THE LOA WORLD) because all your focus intention and EMOTION is intensified on one subjective GOAL.
    If we look at meditation and what it does to the Brain,the more you teach yourself to focus on one thing the more you teach yourself to focus on the PRESENT MOMENT.
    I would say with my practice so far i have noticed my increase in positive mood changes and thought patterns,it was then i realized that my attention is in the PRESENT moment.Before i was mostly always down type person everyday was a bad day for me,my energy was negatively horrible.As i practiced follow your breath meditation for about two weeks now,something within me is changing,...i can't explain it in words i can only express a sense of peace happy go lucky feeling lol.
    I remember this one quot on the Video The Secret stating "When the Voice on the Inside becomes clear and loud then the voices on the outside,you've mastered your life" and if i am not mistaken meditation is all about focusing on the inside.
    The reason why it little results or doesn't work at all for people who DON'T,
    is because there stressed aka (There Monkey Mind is running to wild) or there ego wont ALLOW them to create Example would be:"Oh i can't do that im not good enough to do that,SHE/HE WONT LET ME DO THAT!!..etc etc etc" excuses are endless.
    In Meditation,..the Monkey Mind isn't there,...your EGO isn't there,....It's Just...YOU!!
    And once you realize this truth,you can create a world you would have thought impossible.
    Thought is real physical is the illusion atleast that's what i believe ;)

    Peace blessings Love and Light to all.
  16. ChuckS

    ChuckS New Member

    This would imply

    Well given your success, it would imply you used the Law of Attraction correctly. Explain to us exactly what you do using the law of attraction, if you could.
  17. YouthThunder

    YouthThunder Member

    Do you think we could use LoA to accidentally curse an action??(I have something like OCD). Like having an intrusive thought that says "If I do X,Y will happen to someone" ? And then worrying about it? Please answer.It is important for me.
  18. NanC

    NanC New Member

    I have come to meditation through a holistic attitude to my health. I've been treating my epilepsy through non-medicinal methods for over two decades with great success, and recently have added herbal remedies for the few times that seizures do interrupt my life. The need to be aware of physical, mental, emotional, and substance effects on my body created an almost hyper-awareness of what is going on with it. This awareness has led me to believe in holistic treatment versus allopathic medicine, which has led me to many changes in my life and a new direction for a career that I am now in school for! LOA is knowledge of true desires, and conscious awareness of when the universe is trying to help you. Holistic attitudes towards our bodies and life and LOA go hand in hand!
  19. Hmmm quick question,did you visualize your goal everyday or just once and then that was that?
  20. mitchelljj

    mitchelljj Member

    I found the movie "The Secret" is good for explaining the Law of Attraction

    I found the movie "The Secret" is good for explaining the Law of Attraction which you can stream if you have a Netflix subscription.

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